Do you feel stuck or lost in your relationships?

Do you desire to know how to relate to your spouse and family in better ways? 

Do you need clarity in how to love your spouse and family in ways that will most resonate with them?

Beth's Three-Step Transformative Coaching Process is for You.

*For families - 

Cultivating growing relationships with one another as parents and with your children is vital to a healthy family and is a passion of mine. The initial step for families is  for the parents to go through the "Discover and Explore" sessions first before we start working with the whole family. Think of this like putting the oxygen mask on you before your child when there is an airplane emergency. It is vital that parents learn about themselves first, so they can then guide their children in their own self-discovery process. 

Once the parents have gone through their sessions, we will take the other family members through the same process. The ability to determine each child's type will vary due to their ages and willingness to discover and explore themselves.

After we have clarified the unique relational style of each family member, you will have the opportunity to begin a new way of relating. You will gain a greater understanding of each others parenting style and the style of parenting that will work best with each child.

See how my family uses the Enneagram.

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