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Join Beth McCord’s Become an Enneagram Coach Course and learn how to leverage the Enneagram in your day job, side hustle, or passion project. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a new professional, or a stay-at-home parent, this course will provide everything you need to impact others with the tool of the Enneagram.


I love my job.

Hey, I’m Beth McCord, founder of Your Enneagram Coach.

As I said above, I truly love my job as an Enneagram Coach. It’s the best career I could ever ask for, but I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for a major life crisis.

Back in 2014, my husband, Jeff, and I moved to Nashville for his dream job. We were so excited! It was an opportunity of a lifetime, so we packed up our house and our two kids for a move across the country. I can still remember the hope we felt as we set our map app to Music City.

But within a year of moving here, Jeff’s dream was taken away from us. We were left in a new city with no job, no income, and two mouths to feed in addition to our own. So, Jeff and I started taking on odd jobs just to keep the heat on and put food on the table.

By this point, I had been a dedicated student of the Enneagram for over a decade. And as Jeff and I began envisioning our future, we started to feel a renewed hope for how we could use this passion of mine to provide income for our family. It was my turn to step into my dream.

Now, as a Type 9, this was incredibly challenging for me. 

First off, we knew we needed to invest in a training program so I could feel confident and credible as an Enneagram Coach. Since we were already struggling financially, it was difficult for me to put what little money we had toward a course that felt like a luxury for me. After all, I knew that learning how to help others with the tool of the Enneagram wouldn’t feel like work to me—it was my idea of fun! So, I felt a twinge of guilt even though I believed the training was a wise investment for my family.

Secondly, investing in my Enneagram skills meant I was preparing to become the face and owner of a business. As someone who had survived comfortably in the background for most of my life, this was especially challenging. 

Despite these circumstances, I longed to use the Enneagram to help people, and my family needed me to help pay the bills. So, I took the leap and began investing in my Enneagram Coaching journey.

I’m so glad I did! 

Now, a few years into using my love for the Enneagram to make income for my family, my life has completely transformed. Today, in addition to working as an Enneagram Coach for individuals, coaches, and business teams, I get the incredible privilege of helping others become Enneagram Coaches, too.

How the Become an Enneagram Coach
Course is Different

I created the Enneagram coaching program I wish I had when I first started.

As I pursued various Enneagram trainings and certification courses, I kept thinking to myself, “There has to be a better way to do this.”

The old way of training required me to travel across the country and spend tens of thousands of dollars on seemingly disconnected training events. Although I’m deeply grateful for all of my Enneagram teachers, I longed to make Enneagram Coaching more accessible for others. 

And so, the Become an Enneagram Coach Course was born! With the help of my husband and a handful of friends, I created the Enneagram coaching program I wish I had when I first started.

The Become an Enneagram Coach Course includes everything you need to incorporate the Enneagram into your career. It’s a three-part system that delivers in-depth Enneagram training, tools and exercises to utilize in your coaching sessions, and honest business advice to help you set up a thriving coaching business.

The 3-Part System

Step 1.
Understand the Enneagram
Step 2.
Hone Your Coaching Skills
Step 3.
Build Your Business

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Is Enneagram Coaching right for you?

No matter your career background, you can thrive as an Enneagram Coach.
See who makes a great coach below!

Life Coaches

Executive Coaches

Fitness Coaches

Stay-at-Home Parents

Mental Health Professionals

Grad Students

Ministry Leaders & Volunteers

Business Leaders

Business Consultants

Motivational Speakers

Marketing & Sales Professionals

HR Professionals 

Entrepreneurs Looking for a New Revenue Stream

Anyone Passionate About the Enneagram 

Enneagram Coaching is a flexible career that you can do from anywhere. If you’re interested in helping others grow through understanding their Enneagram Type, the Become an Enneagram Coach Course will provide all the tools to make that happen. 


How will becoming an Enneagram Coach impact your life? 

Like me, most of our coaches report experiencing incredible life transformation once they become an Enneagram Coach. The stories we hear are truly powerful.

Here are just a few of the ways our students have achieved their dreams with Enneagram Coaching:

  • Keanu (Type 8) successfully moved to full-time coaching in only three months.
  • Eric (Type 4) went from being unhappy at his well-paying job to finding fulfillment and satisfaction helping others grow into their best selves.
  • Elizabeth (Type 6), a former schoolteacher, is able to stay home with her baby while also satisfying her desire to lead and teach.
  • Toya (Type 4) was already running a coaching business. By adding Enneagram Coaching, she’s able to provide more customized care and expand her coaching offerings.
  • Amy (Type 7) loves how empowered she is to help women break free from anxiety, self-doubt, and frustration—which she’s thrilled to do in a full-time capacity!

The flexible nature of Enneagram Coaching means you get to choose how you spend your life. Whether you want to replace your full-time income, create a meaningful side hustle, or incorporate the Enneagram into existing professional work, this course will help you create more impact and more income. 


Real Stories & Real Results
Meet our students.

Don’t just take it from us. See what our students are saying about the Become an Enneagram Coach Course!

Amy Wicks
Type 7
Watch Testimonial

Amy Wicks

Madeline Mace
Type 4
Watch Testimonial

Madeline Mace

Brian Lee
Type 1
Watch Testimonial

Brian Lee

Nate McCord
Type 6
Watch Testimonial

Nate McCord


Fast track your coaching journey with other Enneagram enthusiasts.

When you join the Become an Enneagram Coach Course, you’ll get the privilege of training alongside others who want to use the Enneagram and the Gospel to make an impact on those around them.

As soon as you join, we’ll add you to our private Facebook group, where you can connect with coaches in your local area and develop digital connections around the world. 


Choose the level that

fits your needs. 


Standard Level


Save 15% by Purchasing in Full: $2,997
  • Full Access to 3 Section Course ($1997 Value)
  • 350-Page Digital Textbook ($1200 Value)
  • Implementation Guide
  • Exclusive Access to BEC Community Facebook Group ($997 Value)
  • Presentation Intake Form to Help You Easily Take on Presentation Clients ($200 Value)
  • Mistyping Guide ($500 Value)
  • How to Make the Most Out of the Facebook Group ($50 Value)
  • Free Bonus: Support Track ($1200 Value)
  • Free Bonus: Elite Event Ticket ($997 Value)
  • Free Bonus: Discovering You Course ($49 Value, Full-Price Purchasers Only)

Total Value: Over $7,190

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Platinum Level


Save 15% by Purchasing in Full: $3,997
  • Lifetime Access to the BEC 3 Section Coursework ($1997 Value)
  • 350-Page Digital Textbook ($1200 Value)
  • Implementation Guide
  • Access to BEC Community Facebook Group ($997 Value)
  • Presentation Intake Form to Help You Easily Take on Presentation Clients ($200 Value)
  • Mistyping Guide ($500 Value)
  • How to Make the Most Out of the Facebook Group ($50 Value)
  • Free Bonus: Support Track ($1200 Value)
  • Free Bonus: Elite Event Ticket ($997 Value)
  • Free Bonus: Discovering You Course ($49 Value, Full-Price Purchasers Only)
  • The Book Your First Client Mastermind ($1500 Value)
  • Access to 3 Pre-Recorded Coaching Demonstrations to see how I personally coach my clients ($999 Value)
  • Exclusive Masterclass: How to Start & Grow Your Coaching Business ($500 Value)
  • How to Recruit Clients Guide ($150 Value)
  • The Coaching Business Checklist ($199 Value)

Total Value: Over $10,538

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Bonus Gift: Get a Free Ticket to the 2-Day Elite Training Event

Make new friends, accelerate your learning, and participate in live coaching sessions during this virtual event.

What’s in store for you:

  • Get hands-on training and direct access to Beth, Jeff, and the rest of the YEC Coaching Team
  • Learn the Master Coach Method, our approach to building your business one step at a time
  • Feel all of your training click into place as you watch Beth host live coaching sessions 
  • Complete your course in record time and start recouping your investment in only one month

The Elite Event will take place April 28th-29th. Recordings will be provided after the event in case you can't attend live or if you'd like to review the content.

Free tickets are only available if you pay in full. Payment plans are not eligible.


My 30-Day Graceful Guarantee

I know how much courage it takes to invest in yourself, and I want to ease your worries, so my team and I came up with the 30-Day Graceful Guarantee.

If you join my course, actively engage in the sessions, and don’t feel that you’re making any progress, simply reach out with a request for a refund within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give your money back. 

Please Note: Attendance to any part of the Elite Training Event nullifies your 30-Day Graceful Guarantee.


“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, like most coaches, I was pretty concerned and curious if people would continue investing in themselves in a season of uncertainty and job loss. And yet, what I noticed was exactly the opposite. My business actually grew a lot, and I ended up having more clients. 

What a gift to realize I had a recession-proof career that I could do from home to meet our family’s financial needs, while making a tangible impact on my clients’ lives and their well-being in such a challenging and uncertain time. It’s truly been a double win—work I love that provides for our family but also serves other people in meaningful ways. There’s honestly nothing better!” 

Danielle, Type 9

You are worthy of this.

If you enjoy learning about the Enneagram and you’re passionate about helping others, you’re a perfect fit for our coaching program. I know first-hand how much self-doubt and “head trash” can get in the way of pursuing your dreams, so I want you to know that you are already worthy of this program. 

You don’t need to feel like you have it all figured out. Join my program today, and let’s take each step forward together.


Have questions? 

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