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The Gospel & You (Part 1)

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2017


You’re here at Your Enneagram Coach’s blog! I’ve been waiting for you to arrive, so welcome to my blog, The Gospel and You! Come on in, get comfortable, and allow the beauty of the gospel to flow over you and your life circumstances in new and fresh ways. I am so glad you are here! It is my hope and prayer that the Lord would graciously use this blog to glorify himself by bringing the whole gospel to the whole person by discovering who you are and whose you are.

So who is Your Enneagram Coach? Well my name, given to me by my parents, is Beth, but in the eyes of my Heavenly Father, I am called, “Beloved.” Beloved means dearly loved one. How do I know he calls me this endearing name? Only by receiving Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection on my behalf am I able to have this beautiful and powerful name. All because of Jesus, and nothing of me, am I brought near to him, completely forgiven, loved, cherish, cared for, given the promise of eternal life, and I am forever his by the power of the Holy Spirit. Knowing and believing these truths, I am able to see my sinfulness for all that it truly is, ask humbly for forgiveness, and know that my sins are completely paid for by Christ on the cross.

I often (hourly, daily, weekly…) forget that I am his beloved daughter. During these times, I find my heart gravitating toward shame, condemnation, and fear as if I am still an orphan and not a saved child of God. Does your heart easily move in this direction? What is astonishing to me is that in these moments he lovingly reminds us of all that he has done on our behalf. He captivates us with his grace, forgiveness, provision, and strength in his Word. My heart’s desire is that we daily hear, believe, and trust the gospel so that we can experience a deep knowing that we are his “Beloved” son/daughter.

Along with being “Beloved,” I am also blessed to be the wife of Jeff for 20 grace-learning years. He is my very best friend! We met our freshman year at the University of Kansas and married the next year at age 20. We basically grew into adulthood together. With that comes lots of rough roads and plenty of opportunities for growth. The Lord patiently and graciously showed us that through learning more about the power of the gospel and grace, we were able to begin to extend to each other repentance, forgiveness, compassion, and mercy. The Lord also gave us the Enneagram, a powerful personality tool. This allowed us to know ourselves and each other in ways that brought deep and lasting transformation for us individually and in our marriage. We are still on this journey of learning about ourselves and each other, but with that comes a lasting marriage filled with deeply satisfying love. I am so thankful the Lord gave me a partner who is humble, teachable, and willing to allow the Spirit to do deep soul transformation so that our marriage can grow and thrive.

I am also privileged to be the mom of Nate (a junior in high school) and Libby (a freshman in high school). They are truly gifts from the Lord. Through motherhood though, I have seen a whole new depth of myself. I’ve seen new levels of selfishness and sin rise to the surface that I never knew existed (as a parent, did that happen to you, too?). When I get focused purely on the moment and do not keep my eyes focused on the truth of the gospel (that I am his Beloved), I forget that I am free to repent since there is no more condemnation in Christ. I forget I am safe in the gospel. I forget who I am and whose I am. Thankfully my Heavenly Father reminds me of what he has done for me in Christ and brings me close to him. When he graciously turns my eyes toward him, I see my sin and ask the kids to forgive me once again. The sweetness of the Lord frees my soul to depend on him for everything - especially humbly asking my kids for forgiveness. It is at this moment that the Lord pours grace and mercy onto me through my kids who generously extend forgiveness and love. I see the work of the gospel in and through them to me, and it is beautiful.

If your heart is weary and longing to hear the gospel in unique and fresh ways that are particularly crafted for your heart (personality) to hear, then this is the site for you. In my next post, I will describe how my blog is unique since I will bring three important things to you in order that the gospel will become more clear and alive to your heart (your personality's perspective) so that your relationship with God, others, and yourself will begin to flourish in new and rich ways.


Until next time, know, believe, and trust that in Christ, you are his Beloved!

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