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The Gospel & You (Part 2)

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2017

If your heart is weary and longing to hear the gospel in unique and fresh ways that are particularly crafted for your heart (personality) to hear, then this is the site for you. My blog is unique since I will bring three things to you in order that the gospel will become more clear and alive to your heart so that your relationship with God, others, and yourself will begin to flourish in new and rich ways.

The title of my blog is "The Gospel and You." My blog will contain these three components that are central to how I help others through life coaching as a personal and marital Enneagram Coach.


Making the gospel of Jesus Christ understandable, real, accessible, and applicable to everyday life.

2. YOU:

There are two primary areas that I will focus on:

WHO YOU ARE: The Lord tells us that he cares about our heart’s motives. Why is it important to look at our interior world versus just our external behaviors? In Mark 7:1-23, the Pharisees (the self-righteous) believed that if they ingested uncleanliness from the outside it would make them unclean (corrupt) on the inside. Jesus pointed out that what’s unclean is already inside of us - our sinful heart. As Pastor Matt Chandler puts it, “You don’t do sinful acts that make you a sinner. You’re already a sinner, so you do sinful acts.” Matthew 15:18 says, “but what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.” We must realize that the heart of our problem is the problem of our heart! The role of the Holy Spirit is to reveal truth, both the truth of God’s word and our need for Jesus Christ. As we “walk in the Spirit” we participate in transformation. We can fall into the same error as the Pharisees if we only focus on obeying externally without understanding our hearts.

I will help you understand your heart’s motives - why you do what you do - by using a personality tool called the Enneagram (ennea = nine; gram = diagram). This personality typology goes beyond what you do (behaviors) and gets at why you do what you do (heart’s motive). There are nine basic personality types (or 9 ways of seeing and interacting with life), yet the Enneagram has so many layers, that the variations of each type are what allow us to have so many beautiful shades of any given personality type. It is my goal to assist you in finding the amazing personality type God gave you so that you will understand yourself, others, and life in a richer and more meaningful way.

WHOSE YOU ARE: Once we have received Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are his beloved son or daughter. We are in Christ. I will help you to really understand that having your identity now in Christ changes everything and frees you to have a new perspective in your everyday life and relationships.


I believe that once we know ourselves (our Enneagram personality type) more intimately, we will be able to understand the gospel in deeper and richer ways. By bringing the gospel and the Enneagram together we can hear the gospel and its truths as if someone were speaking the gospel in our “mother tongue” (our personality type). When others communicate the gospel, they usually do it from their own “mother tongue” or personality’s perspective. The way they see life and the way or manner they tell the gospel truth may not resonate with the personality that God gave you. I desire to bring the whole gospel truth to each of you in ways that your personality type is more easily able to receive it. This will bring tremendous power to your own walk with Christ.

I have been on this journey using the gospel and Enneagram together for 12 years now, and I am excited to continue to grow and learn with you the beauty and power of the gospel in ways that will allow us to be more free! As you are firmly planted in the gospel, Christ will grow in you. You will see this evident in the fruit you will bear for his glory and honor. As the gospel penetrates your heart, you will find your soul deeply refreshed and lifted up – even if your life circumstances have not changed. You will see that Christ bears the heavy burdens you carry. You will begin to rest in him. He will become your delight, your drink, your portion.

Let’s journey together, learning about our Lord, ourselves, and others, so that we can truly love God, love others, and love ourselves. I am so glad you are here with me on this journey!

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