You’re Invited to
Create Your Dream Enneagram Business
along side of Me and My Amazing Team

Hi, I’m Beth McCord, and because you’ve invested in yourself and your Enneagram business at the highest level, I have an exclusive invitation for you. Let me start with a quick story (click on the video to watch).

You have a head full of rich Enneagram knowledge and a heart filled with a desire to help others grow, but you probably feel a bit overwhelmed about the next steps.

You’re worried that your business won’t grow because you don’t have the ability to make all the moving parts come together, let alone actually work for you.

I know these thoughts because I’ve been there.

While my husband, Jeff, and I were creating Your Enneagram Coach as you know it today, we suffered through a lot of setbacks.

We struggled to find support in so many ways…

We didn’t know who to ask for help or even what to ask.

And, even when we thought we found help, it didn’t really work…

We paid $60,000 to a marketing company to build out our website only to not have it finished months later. It was so bad that I ended up doing it myself!

We took a year and a half to properly set up our company because we didn’t know what we needed to do.

But, my biggest mistake…

Thinking I need to do it all on my own because I don’t have the money to hire experts.

Let’s talk about that for a minute…

Thinking I needed to do it all on my own because I didn’t want to spend the money to hire experts cost me more time and more money!

Why? Because when I messed it up, I paid more to get the same person I should have hired to fix it and make it the way they would have in the first place!

The worst part was that these mistakes made me doubt myself and want to give up.

Then I realized that I had a mission to help people and to do that, I needed a better team.

So, I got the right people to do the things that needed to be done, they did a fabulous job, our company grew, and I was motivated and joyful.

The team and support made all the difference.

That’s why I put together this special offer for you.

Because I know how hard it is to start an Enneagram Coaching Business.

So, I assembled my team…

The ones that help me get things done!

The ones I’ve found after a ton of trial and error (and that cost me more money than I’d like to admit).

I challenged them to each bring ideas to the table to help you get your dream Enneagram Coaching business up and running fast.

To help you avoid the obstacles and setbacks.

We put our brains together and created a Business Builder Package just for you.

Our Become an Enneagram Coach Business Builder Package Will Equip You with Everything You Need to Create the Business of Your Dreams

This highly personalized package has everything you need to get your business up, running, and growing.

"I've been so encouraged by this process and have felt like it was worth the investment. The team has listened to my desires every step of the way.
As a Type 9, I sometimes have a hard time making final decisions and I don't always know what I want. They have really listened to design ideas and branding ideas I have had... I love aesthetics and the website is absolutely beautiful!"

—Leigh Ann Boone
Esssentially You

Now Let's Dive Into the Details of Each Item in the Business Builder Package

Your Personalized “Business of Your Dreams Action Plan”

$60,000 Value

You’ll meet with our team to dive deep into your dreams and goals.

We’ll talk about who you’re uniquely positioned to serve and how you can best help them. This is called your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP) and is how you’ll stand out to your dream clients!

The result of this meeting will be YOUR customized blueprint to create the Enneagram Coaching Business of your dreams. 

With this, you will never have to wonder what steps to take next or how to grow your business. You will move forward confidently. 



Tailored Business Branding that will make you Stand Out to Your Dream Client

$3,000 Value

This is one of the most fun parts of the business builder package!

Great design really makes a difference to your clients because as soon as they see your branding, they’ll feel they’re in the right place and want to do business with you.

You’ll get to work with our team to design:

• your custom logo (up to 3 revisions)
your color schemes
your fonts
your tag line
your secondary watermark logo
your business card (front and back designed)

Of course, you get all the source files so that you can take your designs to any printer anywhere to create anything new.



Your Done-For-You Website

$10,500 Value

You get to sit and drink your favorite beverage. We deal with all the nitty-gritty technical details of getting your website up and running!

We will take all the beautiful design we built together in the last two modules and turn it into a website that will drive clients into your business!

Your complete website includes:

• Registration of your business domain name
Creation of your business branded email
4-6 pages that are engineered to convert lookers into clients (home, services,
  contact, about, possibly multiple services page or blog)
Copywriting for all those pages so readers are compelled to take action
All the technical details handled for you on our favorite website platform



Your “Lead Magnet” Automated Super System that Works While You Live Your Life

$8,000 Value

While you’re busy doing what you love to do best, this automated system will be working for you to bring you potential clients!

  1. We’ll create a compelling piece of content (called a lead magnet) that your potential clients will want to get their hands on right away!
  2. We’ll set up a way for your potential clients to get the lead magnet in their inbox (and get on your email list).
  3. We’ll set up the email that gets sent to your potential client that will deliver the lead magnet.

This series of events positions you as a trusted resource for a potential client!

And… best of all, now you have their email address so you can keep following up with them until they move from potential client to paying client!

We set all of this up for you! We’ll work magic behind the scenes to set up all the technical details so that it’s automated and working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year. No matter what you’re doing, your “Lead Magnet” system will be working for you!

Your Lead Magnet Automated Super System includes:

• Copywriting for your compelling Lead Magnet
Designing of your Lead Magnet to match your brand
Copywriting of the email that delivers the lead magnet
Design of the email that delivers the lead magnet – this is a template that you can
   use forever!
Creating a way for website visitors to enter their email on your site so they can let
   you know “I’m a potential client!”
Setup of the email system that delivers the lead magnet on our most loved
   email automation platform
Automating the whole process so it is ready to work for you, even when you’re not



Done-For-You Social Media – 2 Months on 2 Platforms

$2,900 Value

Your social media profiles provide another way for potential clients to find you, interact with you, and turn into paying clients.

Each social media platform has its own unique features and benefits so we will let you choose the two that you want to use!

Then, we’ll get to work creating and publishing content for those platforms so that you have a professional social media presence.

Your Done-For-You Social Media includes:

• Your choice of 2 social media platforms
Custom designed profile and cover images for those platforms
Custom designed social media images that match your branding
Custom copywriting for captions/text for the images

Scheduling of all posts so you don’t need to do a thing



Take it to the Next Level Training

$6,000 Value

Our goal is to kick your business off with a bang!

But, what good is all this work if you don’t know how to continue your business growth after our work together is over?

That’s why we will make sure you understand everything you need to know to keep moving at a pace that makes you happy.

Your Next Level Training includes:

•  How to update your website without needing a technical person
How to write emails that your clients will love to read
How to send emails to your list so you can keep in touch with potential clients
How to create beautiful social media graphics so your content stands out using our
   favorite DIY graphics tool

“Move Forward Fast” Support

All this done-for-you business setup is great but what happens when you have a question? We want to make sure you’re fully supported as you grow your Enneagram coaching business. That’s why we’ve put together two very special monthly support calls. You’ll get…

Monthly Coaching Sessions with Beth McCord

$5,000 Value

Each month, Beth will personally coach you to move your business forward.

 She’ll answer your questions on anything from the enneagram to business strategy. This is done in a group setting so that you can learn from your peers as well as Beth.

Monthly Coaching Sessions with Our Dream Advisory Team

$2,400 Value

Each month, we will bring in a special guest to help you move your business forward quickly.

You’ll get advice from our best advisors in marketing, business, and finance.

We know they are amazing because they are the exact same people we use to grow Your Enneagram Coach.

Extra Details to Make Sure You Have Everything You Need to Build the Business of Your Dreams

Of course, we aren’t done helping you build your dream business yet… Here are some more bonus goodies to help you soar!

The Discovering You Presentation

$750 Value

We’ve done all the hard work for you to create an amazing group presentation that you can use in front of groups of people to increase your reach and your revenue.

With this presentation, you’ll immediately be prepared to present to groups of clients including teams, small groups, businesses, and churches.

2 Additional Social Media Profile & Cover Images so You can Expand Your Reach

$200 Value

We realize that you may want to be active on more than two social media platforms!

That’s why we’ll help you brand those other platforms with a custom design the profile and cover images for them.

4 Custom Branded Social Media Design Templates so Your Graphics are Always Gorgeous

$200 Value

To keep your social media content branded and looking amazing, you will get 4 custom designed templates that you can use with our favorite DIY branding tool.


8 Custom Branded Slide Templates so Your Presentations Stand Out from the Crowd

$600 Value

When creating your custom presentations, you'll be using these slides that match your newly created brand!

This is fantastic because it increases your audience's awareness of your brand, making you the Enneagram professional they'll choose again and again.

8 Custom Enneagram Graphics with Your Brand so Your Audience Bonds with You

$650 Value

We'll create custom Enneagram symbols branded with your colors showing the alignment, growth path, wings, triads, stress paths, and more!

You'll use these custom graphics over and over as you create visual components to show your clients how the Enneagram works.

"I'm Ready to Claim One of the 5 Spots! How Much is the Investment?"

Let’s Recap Everything that’s Included in the Business Builder Package:

• Your Personalized “Business of Your Dreams Action Plan” ($60,000 value)
• Tailored Business Branding that will make you Stand Out to Your Dream Client ($3,000 value)
Your Done-For-You Website ($10,500 value)
Your “Lead Magnet” Automated Super System that Works While You Live Your Life ($8,000 value)
Done-For-You Social Media – 2 Months on 2 Platforms ($2,900 value)
Take it to the Next Level Training ($6,000 value)
Monthly Coaching Sessions with Beth McCord ($5,000 value)
Monthly Calls with Our Dream Advisory Team ($2,400 value)
The Discovering You Presentation ($750 value)
2 Additional Social Media Profile & Cover Images so You can Expand Your Reach ($200 value)
4 Custom Branded Social Media Design Templates so Your Graphics are Always Gorgeous ($200 value)
• 8 Custom Branded Slide Templates so Your Presentations Stand Out from the Crowd ($600 value) 
• 8 Custom Enneagram Graphics with Your Brand so Your Audience Bonds with You ($650 value) 

Your Business Builder Package is $100,200.00 Worth of Value!

And, because of everything we are delivering we want to make sure you have our full attention. That’s why there are only 5 spots available for the Business Builder Package.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to pay $100,200.

Our Business Builder Package is normally priced at an investment of only $25,000 (or 6 payments of $4,167).

Not for you!

Because you’ve already shown us how committed you are to becoming an amazing Enneagram Coach by enrolling in the Master Level course, we want to help even more.

Just for you, we will discount the Business Builder Package by $5,000 which brings your investment to a one-time payment of $20,000 or 6 payments of $3,334.

But there is one thing...

Because this is such an extensive offer and we want to make sure you get the business of your dreams, we only have 5 spots available.

Which is why we are closing this offer at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time on 06/28/2019 (Friday). So, don’t wait… get one of the 5 spots now!









"Beth, This Sounds Great but I Still Have Questions… "

I totally understand! That’s why I’ve arranged for you to be able to have a 30-minute call with me and my husband Jeff.

I know you see my face all the time, but Jeff is the one that runs the business. That’s why I am making room on both our calendars to talk to you about this package.
To get on our calendar, click the button below to get instant access to our calendar and find a time that works for you.

Please book quickly! This offer is limited to 5 people.

I hope to be growing your business with you soon. — Beth 



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