Discover how the Enneagram can help your marriage flourish



Is your marriage the way you want it to be?

No? Most aren't. We hear from couples all of the time saying: 

"Our marriage is good but not thriving..."

"We’re going through the motions and want to get off autopilot..."

"We don’t understand each other as much as we’d like..."

"We get stuck in patterns we can’t seem to fix."

"Life's responsibilities get in the way of our time together..."

"We don’t feel the excitement we once did but do want to recapture"

It's time to feel excitement, love, deep connection, peace and intimacy with your spouse again.

You'll Discover Practical Ways to Better Understand Yourself, Your Spouse, and Your Relationship

Join Beth and Jeff McCord for a special virtual Date night for 90 minutes where they’ll openly — and humorously—share about the mistakes we’ve made (and learned from) over the past 25 years of marriage. These tools have helped them take our relationships from surviving to any season of life.


After your virtual date night with Beth & Jeff, you'll leave with:
You'll walk away saying...

"We wish we knew this sooner."

A Better Knowledge of the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality tool meant to awaken self-awareness and to provide hope as we look at ourselves and each other.

Beth will kick off the evening with an overview of all nine Enneagram Types so you can confirm yours!

The Transforming Work of the Gospel

The Enneagram is exponentially more powerful when paired with the active work God is doing in us than when it's in our hands alone.

Beth and Jeff will show how the Gospel can change old patterns and help you navigate a fresh way forward.

Clarity on How You Work Best Together 

Jeff will dive deep into the relational "dances" each Type settles into in conflict and communication and leave you with powerful tools to help you regain control and achieve the kind of marriage you want.



We got married at the ripe age of 20. Full of optimism and dreams for the future, we were confident we’d easily have a happy and fulfilling marriage. We quickly realized that while our dating life had been rich and fun, having a healthy and thriving marriage was going to take much more work! 

 As you’ve probably experienced first-hand, there’s always the potential for friction when you put two personalities with different perspectives, backgrounds, and expectations together. We soon realized our honeymoon period hadn’t lasted as long as we’d hoped. We didn’t understand ourselves, one another, or the fullness we had in Christ, so we spent the next few years running into the same unhealthy patterns and relational strongholds. By our fourth year of marriage, we were frustrated and desperate for help! 

Maybe you can relate right now, but don’t worry, our story gets better. The Gospel and the Enneagram changed everything.

"I learned how to integrate the Gospel more fully into our marriage, especially in understanding one another with grace and forgiveness."

Dina Porters

"It encouraged new, fresh dialog with my husband, especially about better integrating Christ into our
daily activities of life and being married."

Petra Shrew


Take Your Relationship to
the Next Level

Join us for an unforgettable date night on March 14th.


(Reg. $59/Couple)

  • 90-minute virtual event for you and your spouse 
  • A custom marriage guide built specifically for both of your Enneagram Types
  • Access to discounts on Enneagram resources 
  • and more!