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As we monitor the status of COVID-19 and keep your safety and mental health top of mind, we’re grateful for technology that allows us to still educate, encourage and help us to grow during this time of uncertainty. 

We want to offer our Exploring You course for only $49. Utilize this online self-coaching experience to fast track your growth, better understand your Type in stress, overcome obstacles, and live a more fulfilling life.

I am often asked,
How do I become the best version of myself?

The answer lies in coaching. Once you have discovered your Enneagram type, you are now ready to explore the depths. Together, our exploration will lead to life changes that come from understanding who you are and why you do the things you do.

Do you ever find yourself feeling like....

  • Fear and self-doubt are holding you back from creating the life you actually want?
  • You want to improve, but don't have a clue of where or how to begin?
  • You wish you had a personal roadmap to a life of purpose, wholeheartedness and fulfillment?
  • You've read lots of good ideas and wisdom, but feel overwhelmed with what to do next?

Using a coach leads to dramatic results even when your circumstances remain unchanged.

I'm here to assure you that coaching is the most powerful antidote to every single one of those problems.

Meet Beth McCord

It’s easy to get stuck in “auto pilot” with your life, aimlessly going through the motions, drifting, only to discover that your life is not where you hoped it would be. And when you find yourself in that place, it’s hard to know what to do to get back on track.

I’m Beth McCord, and for the last 15 years I’ve been coaching individuals, couples, families and teams on how to break free of negative patterns. I'm here to help you become the most authentic and best version of yourself through a gospel-centered approach to the Enneagram.


“Beth McCord has done deep and substantial work with the enneagram in the light of the Gospel. Her trainings consistently open my eyes and my heart to not only who I am, but who I want to be. I am growing and changing because of this course and I am so deeply grateful.”
— Annie F. Downs, bestselling author of 100 Days To Brave and Looking For Lovely


Stay clear of pitfalls and
remain on your best path.

Exploring You is an online coaching experience that helps you unpack your story using the tool of the Enneagram.

You'll come to understand yourself more and be empowered to move in the direction you want for this season of life. Investing in 5 coaching sessions will help make this season unprecedented when it comes to living into your most authentic and fulfilled self.

Imagine how different your work, relationships, and personal growth will be once you’ve unlocked your deepest desires and your healthiest path to pursue them.

Exploring Your Type and
Experience Growth

Save $100 Today

"This course affirms the gifts each of us possess, plus the stumbling blocks that hold us back from becoming healthy and mature. I'd recommend this course to anyone who values gaining a better understanding and appreciation of oneself and others in order to love and forgive in a greater measure. This course affirms the gifts each of us possess, plus the stumbling blocks that hold us back from becoming healthy and mature. I'd recommend this course to anyone who values gaining a better understanding and appreciation of oneself and others in order to love and forgive in a greater measure."

Rachael B.
Type 9

"This was exactly what I needed for 2018. I took the Exploring You course, and I am seeing a profound change in my relationships with my family, friends and co-workers. The Enneagram has been the most powerful tool that God has used in my life. I can't wait to see what God has in mind for the future. "

Traci H.
Type 1

"My experience with the Exploring You course is that it has been like a mirror, reflecting who I am and why I do certain things. Digging into my past as part of the course connected so many dots for me. While it has been challenging at times, it has also been so freeing. "

Lori H.
Type 7

Discover how Exploring You will help provide you with your personal roadmap. Fast-track your growth, overcome obstacles, and live a more fulfilling life.


A Journey Through Your Type

Experience accelerated growth in 5 prerecorded sessions with Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord. Her custom guide sheets will help you learn about  yourself — all through the lens of the gospel.

These bite-sized lessons fuse your personal story with a deep learning experience, so you understand how to use the Enneagram in your everyday life and relationships. Join us in a safe place where you can open up and transform.

Exploring Your Type and
Experience Growth

Save $100 Today

Check Out Samples of Our
Custom Guide Sheets

A Course For Both Individuals and Couples

If you want to take a journey to becoming your best self in your personal life, spiritual life, relationships, work and family - this course is for you.

Additionally, the benefits of exploring the Enneagram as a couple are countless. Taking this journey with your spouse allows you to watch one another experience personal growth while learning more about one another and entering a new phase of your relationship. A new season filled with mutual understanding and grace.

Simply purchase a your type's course and your spouse's type course and watch them together. This will enable you to not only grow within yourself but also in your marriage.  

How It Works

The Exploring You course includes a FREE Discovering You Course ($49 value). This course teaches you what the Enneagram is, how to use it for personal growth, and an overview of all nine types. This understanding of the Enneagram will help you to navigate through the remaining coaching sessions in the Exploring You.

After completing the Discovering You course, you will go through 5 prerecorded coaching sessions with each having a corresponding Guide Sheet. These Guide Sheets break down your personality type into bite-size lessons so you can learn, stretch, and grow without becoming overwhelmed. These sessions enable you to experience accelerated growth and transformation. 


Purchase the Course Today for Only $49

Inside the Course You'll Discover:

  • Your Type's Lines and Arrows to understand your best path getting you to where you want to be and discovering your personal rumble strip to wake you up when you're veering off your best path.
  • Your Type’s Triad so you’ll know which of the triads you operate from and how you can use them to improve your internal dialog and your relationships.
  • Your Type’s Wings so you can understand the nuances of your main Type and create more balance for you life.
  • Your Type’s Growth Path so you’ll have a personalized roadmap to go from unhealthy to healthy as quickly as possible.
  • Your Type’s Childhood Messages so you can recognize how your past is affecting you today
  • Your Type’s Defense Mechanisms so you’ll know exactly what is blocking your personal growth.
  • Your Type’s Implications of Grace so you’ll fully understand how Christ fulfills your needs in every situation so you don’t expect your needs to be met in other people, things, or experiences.
  • Customized Guide Sheets which helps you absorb the information quickly and serve as a reference guide. 
  • Journaling Questions to focus your attention on the specific things holding you back from the life you want.
  • Discovering You Course which gives you an overview of the entire Enneagram, including all 9 Types so you can improve your relationships with other Types.

Our Graceful Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident our course and materials will give you the information and direction you're looking for in this season. Our desire is that you walk away from your experience feeling empowered and confident.

That’s why, if you join us and actively engage in this course — but feel you’re not making progress — we will refund your payment in full within 30 days after purchase. Or, if you discover within 30 days that your type is different than you thought, we will send you the correct course for your type.

You can sign up today and attend the course RISK-FREE.


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