Achieve the marriage you've always wanted. 

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Is your marriage 100% the way you want it to be?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone.
We hear from couples all the time that say things like . . . 
  • “We don’t engage in conflict because it always ends in the same way."
  • “Sometimes it feels like we're just roommates.”
  • “We’ve lost sight of each other through the forest of building our careers and running around raising kids.”
  • "Our marriage is good, but we're ready for it to be great."
  • “I don’t understand my spouse, and I’m afraid to talk about it with them since I don’t know where to start."
  • "We are stuck and can’t seem to find our way back to each other."

What if you could feel excitement, deep connection, peace, intimacy, and genuine partnership with your spouse rather than just ok, misunderstood, going through the motions, stuck, or even good, but not where we could be?


The relationship you want is available to you!

Join us for this special event in Franklin, Tennessee (just outside of Nashville), where we’ll show you what’s standing in the way of the relationship you long for and provide the path forward to the future you desire together.
We’ll openly share about the mistakes we’ve made (and
learned from!), and the tools that have helped us take our relationships from surviving to every
season of life.

We’ll give you the tools and insights that couples always say,
“We wish we would have had this sooner!"

Discover how God has more in store for your marriage.

Meet Beth & Jeff McCord. After growing through 25+ years of marital ups and downs, there's nothing this duo loves more than coming alongside couples—armed with the Enneagram and the Gospel—to offer a better way to live and grow, together. Join Beth & Jeff for this one-day, in-person event that could change everything.

After only one day with Beth & Jeff, you'll understand . . .

Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a personality tool meant to awaken self-awareness and to provide hope as we look at ourselves and each other.

The Gospel for You

The Enneagram is exponentially more powerful when paired with the active work God is doing in us than when it's in our hands alone.

Your Marriage

Begin to see the hidden forces that may be calling the shots in your marriage and leave with practical tools to overcome them.

Join Us in 2023 and Enjoy the Marriage You've Been Missing

Book your Valentine's weekend trip to Nashville and enjoy this intentional day with Beth & Jeff as they give an honest—and often humorous—sneak peek into their own marital pitfalls to help you improve your own marriage.
See what's in store for you and your spouse.

An Overview of the Enneagram

Beth will kick off the relationship training with an overview of all nine Enneagram Types so you can confirm yours!

A Look at How You've Been Communicating

Jeff will dive deep into the relational "dances" each Type settles into in conflict and communication. 

A Path to Understanding Each Other Better

Beth and Jeff will show how the Gospel can change old patterns and help you navigate a fresh way forward.

Practical Tools for the Marriage You Want

Leave with powerful tools to help you regain control and achieve the kind of marriage you want.


Why Couples Love Beth & Jeff's Approach to the Enneagram

"It encouraged new, fresh dialog with my husband, especially about better integrating Christ into our daily activities of life and being married. "

"I learned how to integrate the Gospel more fully into our marriage, especially in understanding one another with grace and forgiveness. "

"Learning about the dance helped us understand how to communicate so that we both feel heard and understood instead of being frustrated with each other. We will also apply the communication tips from their Becoming Us book so that we approach each other in the right ways."


Tickets will be available soon!

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