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Getting Started as an Enneagram Coach  

The 3 Essentials for Coaching with the Enneagram

Do you love the Enneagram?

Do you want to use it to guide others to become their best selves?

Do you want a life of freedom, flexibility, and impact doing something you love?

In a three-part minicourse by world-renowned Enneagram teacher, Beth McCord, you’ll discover the three essentials that can turn anyone (regardless of expertise or time) into a certified Enneagram coach. 

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Turn your passion for the Enneagram into a profitable part-time or full-time career.


Craft your schedule as an Enneagram coach around your priorities.


Help others become their best selves with the Enneagram and make an impact in the world.

A FREE Course for You (& for Them)

Learn how to make a difference in the lives of others with the Enneagram! In three short and powerful lessons, you’ll learn:


How to Coach and Encourage Using the Enneagram

You will learn foundational elements for helping people grow with the Enneagram, as well as helpful tools and coaching processes. You'll discover how people like you and me can use the Enneagram to guide others.


How to Help Others Start and Discover their Type

Learn how you can help others get started on their journey to discover their Enneagram Type and coach them toward the results they long for. Learn how to handle some of the curveballs that come with helping people discover their type, helping you have confidence and a plan for when those arise.


How to Grow with the Enneagram

This part is all about next steps, how you can move forward and what to do after you’ve helped someone discover their Enneagram type.  You will learn about Beth's coaching blueprint, the big picture and the meat of what Beth teaches in advanced courses.

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