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Become an Enneagram Coach Who Changes Lives

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Become an
Effective Coach
Use Our Framework
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Coaching Business

The Your Enneagram Coach Difference

Become an Effective Coach

Our program gives you insight into the motivation and range of behaviors in the people you encounter. Gain clarity on empowering people to become their best self and achieve the change they long for.

Use our Framework in Your Coaching

We condense the best teaching and resources on the Enneagram into a framework that is easy to understand and implement. Use our tools and coaching strategies - no need to reinvent the wheel.

Grow Your Successful Coaching Business

We provide you with marketing tools, strategies and social media training to increase your visibility in the marketplace. Reach more clients with less effort so you can focus on what you do best.

Enhance Your Career Today

Discover how our Become An Enneagram Coach program will grow your career.


Who Should Become an Enneagram Coach?


Do you have existing clients? Enhance your value by adding the tools of the Enneagram to your practice and expertise.

Starting a Coaching Business

Want to launch or grow your coaching business? Our training provides a solid foundation to start.

Businesses and Workplaces

Train HR directors and staff within your corporation. Help them hire, support, and motivate your team.

Ministry Professionals

Our training equips pastors and ministry professionals to understand others better to counsel and lead more effectively.

How to Become an Enneagram Coach

Sign up and select a payment plan that works for you.

Receive access to your first class and start at your convenience.

Bonus: Receive 1-on-1 coaching with Beth after classes 3, 6, 9 and 12 (valued at $250).

Complete your assessment and become a certified Your Enneagram Coach!

What You Will Get With The Course

If you are interested in this course or have questions, please email Beth at [email protected] to set up a FREE 20-minute phone call to answer your questions and explain how the class will benefit you.

  • 12-class course lasting 70 minutes each. Over 14 hours of rich teaching materials the Enneagram types, coaching tips, and business marketing strategy.
  • 170+ pages of downloadable content to use as your foundational coaching resource. Everything you need to develop your own coaching business, including insights and tips on how to successfully launch and sustain clients.
  • A Certification of Completion to demonstrate your knowledge and skill to potential clients.
  • BONUS: Four 30-minute private coaching sessions with Beth. Gain deeper insights to benefit you personally as well as your business (a $250 value). 
  • BONUS: The option to become a certified Your Enneagram Coach when you take our assessment and pass it with 80% or better score. Have exclusive access to a private Facebook coaching group, and the opportunity to purchase Your Enneagram Coach resources to use right away with your clients. 

"Beth McCord is a wealth of information on the Enneagram.
I love the practical wisdom that came from Beth's approach that integrates the Enneagram with the Gospel.
Her coaching and classes were an excellent investment that is already benefiting my coaching clients."

Pastor John Fooshee
People Launching Founder

Pricing Options

Beth is passionate about training YOU so that you can bless others with the transformational power of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. Purchase this course now to begin your Becoming an Enneagram Coach journey!



Course, guidebook & personal coaching

4 Payment Plans Available:

4 monthly payments of $375

3 monthly payments of $500

2 monthly payments of $750

1 payment of $1500 


Would you love hands-on support for setting up your coaching business?

Do you desire to use the Enneagram with current clients - whether you are a coach, counselor, mentor, or spiritual director?

Would you like to help transform people's lives by bringing them the personal clarity they need?

Do you wish there was a course that made it easy to understand the complexity of the Enneagram - without losing important content?

If so, we're here to help guide and support you along your journey through our comprehensive Becoming an Enneagram Coach course.


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