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Three Steps to Becoming Your Best Self

Discovering You


This course will help you understand yourself and others with astonishing clarity by understanding the tool of the Enneagram.

You’ll learn about the overall structure and all 9 Enneagram types to get the knowledge and insight to embrace the best version of yourself while letting go of shame, guilt, and grief.

I want to discover my Enneagram type.

Exploring You


It’s a guided online coaching experience that helps you unpack your story using the tool of the Enneagram.

You'll come to understand yourself more and be empowered to move in the direction you want for 2019. Investing in 5 coaching sessions at the beginning of this year will help make the rest of the year unprecedented when it comes to living into your most authentic and fulfilled self.

I want to explore my Enneagram Type.

Become My Best Self

Becoming Your Type helps you overcome common hurdles in life by using what you learned previously in step 2. By using the Enneagram and the Gospel, you will experience accelerated transformation in your every day life situations and in all of your relationships.

*Discovering You and Exploring You is a prerequisite.

Become an Enneagram Coach

Do you desire to help transform people's lives by bringing them the clarity they need in life with the Enneagram?

This 12-class course and coaching materials will get you started with confidence and support. Our coaching community and resources help you grow without reinventing the wheel.

Enrollment will open again in November 2019.

I want to become an Enneagram coach.

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Learning Modules

Our courses are designed to be simple, easy to understand and condensed.

Your online classes are supplemented with a well-designed workbook to reference long after you complete your course.

Learn at your own pace.

"I really love personality tests. Most tests can be informative, and they help you see how you make decisions and process things, but they can also be static. They don't push you towards movement or growth. The Enneagram gets down to why you are the way you are and also helps you know that you don't have to stay in your unhealthiness. Beth’s content is so rich and strong. With no hesitation, I would recommend that someone learn from her."

Abby Buter
Founder of Abby Buter Coaching

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