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The Become An Enneagram Coach course is an online certification program that gives you the tools to understand and apply the Enneagram, guide others to hope and freedom, and create a thriving coaching business...all in just 12 weeks!



Get Training + Support
Live Your Purpose 
Start A Coaching Business

The Enneagram is the best tool for leadership, personal growth, and helping people break free from what’s holding them back.

But using the Enneagram is harder than you think:

  • Knowing about the Enneagram is different then knowing how to apply it
  • Most training & certification programs are expensive and require travel
  • Most courses are not taught from a Christian perspective and create confusion
  • Choosing which resources and books to use can be overwhelming
  • It's hard to know where to start and most people lack a plan
  • It's easy to doubt that you're doing it right
  • Starting a career as a coach can feel impossible

But it doesn't have to be that way!



The Become an Enneagram Coach course has everything you need to grow your skills and give you the knowledge and resources to guide others.

Who should take this course?

Prospective Coaches 
who want to turn their passion for impacting others into a thriving business

Ministry Leaders 
who want to lead their community and shepherd their flock more effectively

who want to incorporate this life-changing tool into their mental health practices

Business Leaders 
who want to build, support,
and motivate their
team well

What you can look forward to:

  • On-demand Enneagram training from the comfort of your home
  • In depth, 300+ page Become a Coach digital textbook
  • Different package options to meet your needs
  • Private Facebook community with access to over 400 coaches
  • Proven worksheets to use with clients
  • Ongoing support & training
  • Access to our tools and coaching strategies
  • Easy to follow plan that gets you results!

Download a printable brochure with all of the information here.

"I created the Enneagram coaching program I wish
I had when I first started."
—Beth McCord

No matter your stage, station, or circumstances in life, you’ve been impacted in some way by COVID-19 and all the events surrounding this global pandemic. You may be navigating the loss of a job, frustration with your current career path, or a change in your home life responsibilities and dynamics.

Most of us are feeling some degree of anxiety about the future and what life will look like in our “new normal.” 

But what if you could overcome your fear and uncertainty, and replace it with passion and purpose? What if this pandemic, with all the pain, loss, and inconvenience that has come along with it, could also be the catalyst that launches you into a more hopeful, impactful future? What if you’re being called into a new purpose and path, one with more flexibility and security, and the opportunity to use your unique, God-given qualities and abilities? 

If you’ve experienced transformation through the Enneagram, now is your moment to pass the gift on to others by becoming a coach, launching your own business, and earning an income for your family by doing something you genuinely love. 

In the midst of the unknown, step out in faith, making an investment your future self will thank you for!


What's Included

Section 1:
Understanding The Enneagram

Gain a deep understanding into the structure of the Enneagram and how knowledge of each of these layers will help you to better coach your clients and apply the wisdom of the Enneagram to their lives.

Section 2:
Coaching with the Enneagram

Learn how to apply a deep understanding of the Enneagram to your clients to help them get results. Discover the different types of sessions you can guide your clients through, and how the tools we provide you can be used to help them reach their goals and make the changes they want in their lives.

Section 3:
Business Building Essentials

Discover tools and training to help your coaching business thrive. Beth has assembled a team of experts who will share from their experiences how to get your business started. They’ll guide you in the right direction on many overlooked, yet critical, components of becoming a coach, from setting up your business correctly to marketing your services and everything in between.

In-Depth Coaching
Digital Textbook 

In addition to the training videos you’ll receive an incredible 300+ page digital textbook. This in depth Enneagram coaching resource, created for you, is an invaluable tool for you as you go through the course now and in the years to come. This is one of our clients' favorite resources as it provides an outline and notes on all that is taught on the structure of the Enneagram, the Deep Dives on Every Type, Coaching with the Enneagram, and Business Building Essentials.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Join our Coaches Facebook Community and get access to nearly 1,000 coaches, putting a wealth of knowledge and resources at your fingertips. You'll hear real-life coaching stories, receive group accountability and motivation, as well collaboration opportunities all across the world.


Additional Resources

Included for the Skilled + Master Coach Levels


Ready-to-Use Guide Sheets

If you're ready to hit the ground running with your coaching business, these Guide Sheets offer a turn-key approach to coaching clients through your sessions.

A traditional coaching series with one client will include 5 sessions. Packages are available that include all of the worksheets you need to guide clients of every Type through each coaching session (45 Guide Sheets total).

By purchasing a package that includes these sheets, you will have everything you need to start with your first client!


In addition, you'll get access to 3 downloads that will help get your coaching journey started off on the right foot.

Let's Get Started

Choose the package that best fits you.

* Discounts offered to those who pay in full




Lifetime Access to the 
35 Video Sessions 

300-Page Digital Course Textbook
($1200 Value)

Implementation Guide

Private Facebook Community + Networking
($600 Value)





Lifetime Access to the 
35 Video Sessions 

300-Page Digital Course Textbook
($1200 Value)

Implementation Guide

9 Guide Sheets: 
Session 1 for Each Type
($900 Value)

9 Demo Videos: 
Session 1 for Each Type
($675 Value)

Private Facebook Community + Networking
($600 Value)

Bonus: How to
Recruit Clients 

Bonus: How to Make The Most Out of The Facebook Group

Bonus: Coaching
Business Checklist





Lifetime Access to the 
35 Video Sessions 

300-Page Digital Course Textbook
($1200 Value)

Implementation Guide

Access to All 
45 Guide Sheets:
5 For Each Type 
($4,500 value) 

Access to All
45 Demo Videos: 
5 For Each Type 
($3,375 value)

Private Facebook Community + Networking
($600 Value)

Bonus: How to
Recruit Clients 

Bonus: How to Make The Most Out of The Facebook Group

Bonus: Coaching
Business Checklist


This is an online course that allows you to work at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, no travel needed.

100% Flexible. 100% Worth Investing In.










Our Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident our course and materials will give you the information and structure needed to become a successful Enneagram coach. Our desire is that you walk away from your experience feeling empowered and confident.

That’s why, if you join us and actively engage in your training — but feel you’re not making progress — we will refund your payment in full within 30 days after purchase. You can sign up today and attend the course RISK-FREE.

The career and lifestyle
you've always wanted.

Enneagram coaching is as freeing
as it is fulfilling.

You don’t need anyone’s permission or a particular background to get started. You can begin practicing at any age and any stage of life.

You can work from home and choose your own hours. The investment is low-risk with minimum overhead. And your primary tools will be everything in this course, your computer, and a good internet connection.

If you love the Enneagram and helping people, this program is for you.

The students of Become an Enneagram Coach represent a diverse collection of established counselors, ministry professionals, stay-at-home moms, and business professionals.

Meet Your Instructor

Your Enneagram Coach was founded by Beth McCord, Best-selling author, Enneagram speaker, coach, and teacher who reaches over 1,000,000 people globally.

Beth is passionate about coming alongside individuals and helping them re-write their story, allowing them to see that lasting change, meaningful relationships, and a life of deep purpose is possible. This passion is what drove her to create this community, a safe place for individuals to explore the Enneagram.

An Enneagram Leader

Trained by the best Enneagram experts and pouring hundreds of hours into advanced certifications, Beth is now leading the industry in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. Beth's passion is to make the Enneagram accessible for everyone, anywhere, so they can experience the transformation they long for.

Beth's Journey to Coaching

Beth founded Your Enneagram in the midst of a very painful and uncertain season, much like many are finding themselves in today. She and her husband, Jeff, were facing the loss of a job and income, and they had no sense of direction or way forward. Beth said, "My ministry and business started out of desperation and during the worst time possible. I am a living testimony that while we would never choose life's challenges, they can grow us and lead to a beautiful future. Often life's greatest blessings are born out of the worst circumstances.



“When the Corona Virus hit, like most coaches, I was pretty concerned and curious if people would continue investing in themselves in a season of uncertainty and job loss. And yet what I noticed was exactly the opposite, my business actually grew a lot and I ended up having more clients. What a gift to realize I had a recession proof career that I could do from home to meet our families financial needs, while having a tangible impact on my clients lives and their well being in such a challenging and uncertain time. It’s truly been a double win - work I love that provides for our family but also serves other people in meaningful ways. There’s honestly nothing better!”

—Danielle, Type 9



What does it mean to be an Enneagram Coach?

Enneagram Coaches help people discover their Enneagram Type, explore who they are, and reach their goals and become their best selves. But, Enneagram Coaches who take this specific course learn how to work through the lens of the Gospel. Their clients will learn to know, trust, and believe who they are in Christ, His beloved child.

Unlike counseling, therapy, or even some sermons, your focus won’t be on your client's past. You’ll meet the individual, couple, or team where they are right now and give them the tools, wisdom, and guidance to break free from self-condemnation, fear, and shame.

Check out where our Certified coaches are! 

Frequently Asked Questions

We value the experience of our coaches walking through the course in community and have found that coaches who start at the same time are more inclined to meet one another, gain additional support, and the benefits of networking together.

Most Enneagram trainings are far away, making you incur travel costs, hotel costs, and food costs. Some trainings are also spread out, so you have to travel back to the trainings several times, adding more expenses. Beth’s BEC course is a 12-week online course. There are no travel costs and you can take this course even in a busy season of life. You will receive over 15 hours of video recordings from Beth teaching course material. You will also receive over 300 pages of content, materials, and resources to download and print. Beth guides you in how to set up a business, how to recruit clients, and how to coach clients from the first step in discovering their Enneagram type all the way through the coaching process to when they feel fulfilled and transformed.

Once of the additional perks is access to Beth and the other coaches in our private facebook network. The encouraging community of over 320+ coaches is a goldmine of support and invaluable wisdom.

It is best to have a basic understanding of the Enneagram before starting this course. All you need to do is simply take Beth’s “Discovering You: A Journey Through the Enneagram” course first. You can find this in her website store for only $49. It comes with a 42-page downloadable workbook that you can print off and use as a resource. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to jump into the advanced content and coaching curriculum.

You do not need to already be a coach. Beth has designed this course for those just beginning out in their coaching business.

Yes. Many people come who simply want to become more skillful, resourceful, and influential in their own lives. The Enneagram is the perfect tool for real transformation. Beth takes you on a deeper dive into the Enneagram, which you can use for your own personal growth and understanding.

Beth has designed this course for the busy person. While there is over 15 hours of content each section is broken down into short bite size lessons (Ex. 10-15 minutes) that you can watch at your convenience. Our average student spends about 1-2 hours a week watching the training modules and reviewing their notes and the accompanying workbook for deeper study, review, and reflection. 

Nope. This is all new material, or a deeper dive into how the Enneagram works. Beth might cover a few key aspects from her Discovering You course but this course goes much deeper and is much richer in content. It also covers building a business, marketing, and coaching techniques which are not covered in any of her other courses.

Beth does cover this in the course. She has also created a Bonus for those who purchase the Skilled Coach level and Master Coach level that will assist you even more in this area.

The private Facebook coaches network is also an incredible resource for asking questions like this and hearing feedback from the successes of others.

Yes. Beth covers this in the last section of the course. She gives you a great starting point and brings insight from over 15 years of experience.


Once you pass the course assessment with 80% or higher you will then receive the Your Enneagram Coach Certification and certification logo for you to display on your websites and business card.

There are multiple benefits of being certified, one is the peace of mind it gives to your clients. It shows them that you have gone through a reputable course and have the training and knowledge it takes to coach them. Additionally it differentiates you from other coaches or competition, validating that you are not a “self-proclaimed” Enneagram expert, but rather have taken the time to learn and acquire the skills necessary to lead others.

This is only available as an online course. This helps to cut down on expenses so our coaches can begin earning income right away.

Beth is a master at simplifying the Enneagram, helping you so you learn in a quick and easy way. Most of the books written about the Enneagram bring a level of complexity that is hard for some to get past. Beth eliminates this frustration so that anyone can learn about the Enneagram and then use it to transform lives. There is much more to learn about actually coaching people that many Enneagram books don’t cover. Not only will you get a deep dive into the Enneagram, but you will also walk away with coaching tools that will help your clients get results from Beth’s years of working face-to-face with clients.

If you are is for you! Additionally it is one of the few offerings that teaches you the Enneagram from a Christian perspective. Our live webinars are a fantastic place to learn more about the course and have the opportunity to ask questions. Additionally, if you are unsure, or have questions don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll help discern if this is the best opportunity for you.

I am passionate about seeing others learn about themselves with astonishing clarity so they can move away from self-condemnation, shame and fear. The goal in my coaching and training is to help people experience the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom they already have in Christ. The Enneagram is an amazing tool and resource to help clients get unstuck and experience this in Christ. It is a joy and an honor to train a new generation of coaches to use the Enneagram to advance the work of the gospel in peoples' lives.

Become an Enneagram Coach today!