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What if you could connect with a community of moms who share your Enneagram type and be your true self without judgment or shame?



Let’s be honest – generic parenting advice doesn’t work.


It leaves you feeling…

  • Like you’re failing as a mom for not following someone else’s prescription for communicating and connecting with your kids
  • Left out and broken if you don’t naturally tend toward the recommended attitude and approach
  • More guilty, overwhelmed, and frustrated than before you sought out help

The problem isn’t you – it’s the advice.

Moms come in many different shades of personality – with unique perspectives and priorities.

You deserve to learn about your unique parenting style with a supportive, nurturing group of moms who identify with you and understand the nuances of your parenting approach.


Hey, mom. We see you.

Your heart overflowing with love for your kids and a desperate desire to be exactly what they need.

Even when you yell.

Even when you cry.

Even when you feel like a failure.

You are already the best mom for your kids, because God created you exactly as you are.

The goal isn’t to become a different mom… a better mom… a perfect mom.

We are here to help you embrace the mom you were made to be—to do the learning, reflection, and growth that will help you step into the healthiest version of who you are.

And because the best growth and connection happens in community, we created a powerful way for you to join other moms who are on the same journey and understand your parenting approach on a deep, meaningful level…


The Enneagram for Moms Cohorts

An 8-week interactive program for moms to explore parenting through the lens of their unique Enneagram type

Join a small group of moms with your same Enneagram type who:

Understand and experience the same parenting struggles, desires, and aspirations as you

Don’t judge the parts of your heart or motivations that feel ugly or hard because they share those same parts and motivations

  Want to learn and grow in their parenting type

 Are here to be real, raw, and vulnerable

 Offer a safe place to explore your strengths and weaknesses together

 Want to form deep, meaningful connections with other moms and themselves

Together, you and the other moms who share your Enneagram Type, will be led through a transformational experience of introspection, connection, and growth by a certified Enneagram Parenting Coach.

The result? Stepping into your role as Mom with more confidence, support, and authenticity than ever before.

(Spots are super limited for each cohort, so don’t wait if you know this is the support and growth you need!)

Motherhood can be a lonely journey.

You don’t have to navigate it alone.
We are ready to embrace you just as you are! 



Your Enneagram for Moms Cohort Includes

Certified Enneagram Parenting Coach

Our coaches have gone through a rigorous certification process, learning how your Enneagram type influences the why behind how you discipline, connect with your kids, and uniquely show up as a mom.

Enneagram-specific Guide Sheets

We developed these Guide Sheets so you can explore your type’s unique parenting challenges and strengths. The Guide Sheets are designed to build your awareness and give you a path towards growth and hope.

Intimate and Safe Community

Cohorts are small (spots in each group are limited!) so everyone has a chance to be heard and participate. The sessions are not recorded or shared, so you can feel safe being vulnerable and real in sessions and in your private Facebook group.

Fast Action Bonus

Parenting is an art, and understanding how to communicate with your child is key to nurturing a healthy relationship. This exclusive bonus is a quick guide on what to do and what to avoid when communicating with your child's type.


Practical tools for healthier parenting

There is no “right” way to parent.

God created every mom with her own personality, values, and tendencies.

These traits are not meant to be overcome or corrected.

The Enneagram for Moms Cohorts are designed to help you:

  • Discover your God-given parenting strengths
  • Learn how to identify when you’re showing up in alignment, misalignment, and out of alignment with the parent you are created to be
  • Embrace your story and your children’s uniqueness
  • Get to know yourself with curiosity and compassion
  • Learn how to apologize to restore relationships
  • Actively participate in your own growth
  • Embrace being present, not perfect
  • Reflect on everything you’ve learned and make meaningful changes
  • Establish lasting relationships with like-minded moms

Each weekly session is designed to validate your parenting experiences, encourage personal growth, and equip you with practical parenting tools alongside moms who share your Enneagram type

Take a peek at what your Enneagram for Moms Cohort will explore each week: 


Welcome and Connect

We’ll start by getting to know one another and talking about how our shared Enneagram Type has influenced our experiences as moms. 

Finally – a group of moms who understand and share your innate perspective on life and parenting. Won’t it feel amazing to finally feel like you belong, where you are truly understood, accepted, and validated for the mom you have been working so hard to be? 

These moms understand and relate to your core desires, motivations, and fears.


Awaken Your True Colors

This week, we’ll dig into your type’s core motivations in parenting and reflect on how they influence your approach. Together, your cohort will identify patterns of parenting on “autopilot” and explore healthier approaches. 


Embrace Your Story and Your Child’s Uniqueness

Healthy parenting is a lot easier when you learn to own your life story and accept your children’s individual personalities without judgment. We’ll reflect on our childhood experiences and how those experiences impact our parenting today.


Cultivating Curiosity in Parenting Challenges

This week we’re learning how to get to know ourselves with curiosity and compassion instead of judgment and shame. You’ll unlock valuable insights and tools to navigate parenting challenges and relationship issues. 


Embracing Truth and Apologizing

Every Enneagram Type experiences different levels of alignment. This week we’ll dig into how you can regain healthy alignment during challenging circumstances (goodness knows parenting is full of those!) and enjoy the reassurance that improvement in relationships is possible at any stage of life. 


Active Participation in Growth

This week is all about growth as a parent. We’ll explore “The Relational Dance” in parenting and work through reflection questions together that are designed to boost self-confidence and flexibility. 


Be Present, Not Perfect

Perfection isn’t the goal (for any Enneagram Type). This week is powerful! We’ll learn how to let go of the pressure to be a “super mom” for good, tapping into practices for mindful, present parenting instead. 


Reflection and Next Steps

Let’s celebrate the transformation we’ve experienced over the last two months together! We’ll end strong – with time to reflect on what we’ve learned and make a tailored plan for how to continue the meaningful growth we’ve made.

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Spots are limited to 25 moms per cohort

Live sessions begin the week of June 10 and run through the week of July 29 

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Join Your Enneagram for Moms Cohort Today!
Spots are limited to 25 moms per cohort

🎈Eight 90-minute small-group sessions with moms who share your Enneagram Type

🎈Your choice of a daytime or evening session schedule

🎈Private Facebook group for each cohort for ongoing support and community engagement


You’ll also get these BONUS resources:

⭐️ AWARE Journal for notes and reflections throughout your experience

⭐️ Parents’ Enneagram Type’s Strengths and Weaknesses Cheat Sheet

⭐️ Custom Parenting with the Enneagram Guide

This transformational parenting journey is typically $1497, but you’re invited to join today for a special one-time founder’s rate of $997 (or $333/month!)


Who is guiding your cohort?

Each cohort is limited to 25 spots and separated by Enneagram Number 

(Type 1 moms join the Type 1 cohort, Type 9 moms join the Type 9 cohort, etc.)


All Daytime Cohorts will be led by the Founder of Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord

8 Weekly Zoom Sessions from June 10 - July 29

See the calendar below for when your Type is scheduled. 

Beth McCord
Founder of Your Enneagram Coach & Type 9

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Led by Certified Enneagram Parenting Coaches and fully vetted by Beth and the Your Enneagram Coach team

8 Weekly Zoom Sessions
All Evening Cohorts are on Tuesdays at 7 PM CST
from June 11 -
July 30 

Kim Sigston
Type 1 Cohort Coach

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Josephine Koller
Type 2 Cohort Coach

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Dina Smith
Type 3 Cohort Coach

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Lorie Kaufman-Rees
Type 4 Cohort Coach

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Type 5 Cohort Coach

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Michelle Lee
Type 6 Cohort Coach

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Candra Gray
Type 7 Cohort Coach

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Amanda Dowell
Type 8 Cohort Coach

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Suzanne Bandy
Type 9 Cohort Coach

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Have a question? We’ve got answers!

You love your kids, and you want to be the best mom for them.

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost in the search for the “right” way to parent. 

Here’s what you need to know: God created YOU exactly the way you are on purpose. You’re already the BEST mom for your kids. 

You just need a little support and guidance to become the healthiest, most confident version of yourself. 

We created the Enneagram for Moms Cohorts so you can connect with others who share your fears, doubts, values, and parenting approach and receive expert coaching about how to tap into the power of your unique parenting Type. 

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