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A Revolutionary New Tool for Understanding Yourself

Explore the Enneagram beyond the surface in a thought-provoking journey to discover your previously unexplored Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP). By clearly identifying five unique parts—such as “family members” within your internal world—you’ll be able to not only name what has affected you your entire life, whether positively or negatively, but also understand and apply the truth of how God intends to redeem and use all of you, not just parts of you.

Through the EIP, Enneagram coaches Beth and Jeff McCord provide a simple, tested, personal strategy to understand and welcome these parts through God’s grace, equipping you to better lead and shepherd your internal interests. You can become AWARE of these parts by:  

  • awakening to our thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and inclinations;
  • welcoming these experiences without judgment;
  • asking the Holy Spirit for guidance;
  • receiving what is true; and
  • engaging with God, yourself, and our relationships in a new way. 

Discover your real identity in Christ, readjusting your internal world toward a healthier path for your unique personality type.


Guide Your Internal World to Healing & Wholeness

Don’t oversimplify who you are. Leverage the different parts of you to find greater healing and wholeness with More Than Your Number


Meet Beth & Jeff McCord

Beth McCord (Type 9: Peaceful Accommodator) is a best-selling author, teacher, and the cofounder of Your Enneagram Coach (YEC), an organization that reaches millions of people around the world annually. She has spent the past 20 years pursuing her passion to come alongside individuals and help them rewrite their stories, allowing them to see that lasting change, meaningful relationships, and a life of deep purpose is possible. Along the way, she has also trained and mentored thousands of coaches to do the same. This passion is what drove her and her husband, Jeff, to establish YEC and create a community that is a safe place for individuals to explore the Enneagram. Having been trained by the best Enneagram experts and pouring hundreds of hours into advanced certifications, Beth is now a globally acclaimed leader in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a biblical perspective.

Jeff McCord (Type 6: Faithful Guardian) has served in pastoral leadership for several churches and organizations for more than 20 years. He has a Masters of Divinity as well as multiple certifications in pastoral counseling, family and church mediations, and Gospel Coaching. The Enneagram transformed Jeff's life, family, and ministry, leading him to co-found Your Enneagram Coach (YEC) with his wife, Beth. Providing Enneagram resources to individuals, couples, and groups, their mission is to help people see themselves with astonishing clarity, so they can break free from limiting patterns and experience freedom in Christ.

You Are More Than Just a Number

Have you wanted to dive deeper into the Enneagram but resisted because you don’t want to be labeled? Or do you ever wonder, Why does this part of me still get so easily stuck? What’s next? Discover a revolutionary and transformative approach to the Enneagram in this thoughtful, explorative guide to understanding all the remarkably unique ways you reflect the image of God... because you are more than your number. 

More Than Your Number takes a deeper dive into the world of the Enneagram by moving past the quickly assigned and sometimes stereotypical Enneagram Types to consider and engage your unique, multidimensional personality that makes you so much more complex than just a number. 

Praise for More Than Your Number 

“Discovering your unique Enneagram Internal Profile is a game-changer and takes the power of the Enneagram to the next level. Beth and Jeff will give you the tools, understanding, and encouragement to unlock deeper self-understanding through the lens of the Gospel. More Than Your Number is a must-read!” 

Alli Worthington, Life and Business Coach, Author of Standing Strong: A Woman's Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence

“More Than Your Number is truly more than another Enneagram resource. It's a beautiful guide through the often neglected terrain of the inner world. The McCords describe with gracious detail the inner tensions that we all face and provide a clear path to integration and soul health. Above all, they point us always to the Good Shepherd as our steady, faithful guide into deeper healing, joy, and life-changing growth.”

Dr. Allison Cook, Psychologist and Author of The Best of You and Boundaries for Your Soul

“Though they would never say it, Beth and Jeff stand among very few people atop the peak of gospel-based Enneagram knowledge and practice. In More Than Your Number, they humbly let down a rope to the rest of us, drawing us into their own lives and experiences while also leading us to a completely new and innovative approach through the advent of the Enneagram Internal Profile. The EIP will redefine the very topic of the Enneagram for years to come.”

Ben Allison, ​​Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of Christian Counselors

“If you’ve ever felt that the Enneagram oversimplifies who we are or that it overlooks our need for Jesus, this is the book for you. In an era where the Enneagram has been reduced to personality stereotypes and memes, Beth and Jeff have unearthed an easy-to-understand approach that is as rich and realistic as your personality deserves. Get ready to experience better relationships with God, others and yourself.”

Jesse Eubanks, Author of How We Relate, Host of the The EnneaCast, and Executive Director of Love Thy Neighborhood

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