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Feeling stuck? Need clarity? Want to achieve more?

Get empowered to become your best self with one-on-one Enneagram coaching.

Wish you understood what makes you...you?

Your certified Enneagram coach will guide you in:

 Accelerating self-awareness and clarity

Embracing your abilities and calling

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and tendencies

Strengthening your relationship with God and others

Experiencing transformation and freedom in work, life and play

“If you are considering Enneagram coaching, I highly encourage you to take the next step. You will finally uncover why you do what you do. It’s an exciting journey.”

— Patty G. (Type 2)

Our Coaching Process



The Enneagram and Your Type

Discover your Enneagram Type through our
2-hour online course that covers the essential basics of the Enneagram and all 9 Types. Then meet with your coach to answer questions you have, share any insights you’ve gained and confirm your Type.



Your Type

This includes 5 one-on-one coaching sessions. You’ll also receive custom guide sheets to encourage self-reflection and deepen the learning experience. Walk away with tangible ways to apply the Enneagram in all areas of life.



Your Best Self

In these sessions, your coach will help you overcome the specific hurdles you experience in your life by showing you how to apply what you learned in the Exploring You series to your real-life relationships and circumstances.

*Exploring You coaching series is a pre-requisite.

My Enneagram coach expertly connected the dots to guide me in understanding myself in new ways. I now have a clear vision of who God made me to be.

— Leslie D. (Type 4)

How It Works

Choose a Coach

Scroll down to meet our Endorsed Certified Enneagram coaches. Schedule a FREE consultation with the coach you feel would be a great fit and ask them your questions so you can become familiar with who they are and our coaching process.

Schedule and Payment

Once you have found your certified coach, click on their picture and select the correct service you desire and the payment option that fits you best. You will be emailed a link to schedule your sessions with your coach.

Work With Your Coach

Meet with your certified coach (in person or online) and learn how the Enneagram and the truth of the Gospel can fast-track your growth and transformation. Sign up now and experience the lasting change you are longing for in your life.


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“I learned I can lean into the truth that God has made me exactly as he wanted, and I have a lot to offer this world. I am finding a new peace and rest that is priceless!!

—  Lisa L. (Type 6)

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Get empowered to become your best self with one-on-one Enneagram coaching.

Our Enneagram coaches are committed to helping you reach your full potential so that you can enjoy freedom and clarity in your life, work and relationships.


Your Enneagram Coach: The Podcast

Leading the way in teaching the Gospel-centered Enneagram, Hosts Beth and Jeff McCord want to make personal awareness and growth accessible to everyone, anywhere, so they can experience freedom in every area of their lives. Throughout the weekly podcast episodes, Beth and Jeffthe hosts will point listeners to Christ, because while the Enneagram is an amazing tool, the Gospel brings the lasting transformation. 

For Enneagram LoversAficionados...Rookies and veterans welcome! 

Whether you’re new to this powerful tool, or you’re the Enneagram expert among your family and friends, you’ll find these episodes informative, insightful, and entertaining. 

  • Learn more about your Type and how it impacts your life, relationships, work, and the way you see the world. 
  • Gain a better understanding of others’ personalities, giving you more grace and compassion for all the people in your life. 
  • Listen in as the McCords conduct in-person coaching sessions with individuals and couples across all 9 Types, guiding them toward greater self-awareness, transformation, and freedom.  
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Podcast is coming Mid-April 2020

Whether you’re new to this powerful tool, or you’re the Enneagram expert among your family and friends, you’ll find these episodes informative, insightful, and entertaining. We're excited to let you know when it's live!