Motherhood is one of life’s most challenging journeys.

What if you had an experienced guide to help you navigate your unique challenges, worries, doubts, and fears of being a mom?


The Enneagram
For Moms

By Beth McCord, Your Enneagram Coach

Motherhood is one of life’s most challenging journeys.

What if you had an experienced guide to help you navigate your unique challenges, worries, doubts, and fears of being a mom?


The Enneagram
For Moms

By Beth McCord, Your Enneagram Coach


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Curious what your Enneagram Type is?


Discover your unique parenting style.

Motherhood is an experience like no other, so I invite you to join me on a different kind of reading journey—one that is tailored to you, full of grace, free of comparisons, and shockingly simple and effective. 

Beth McCord, bestselling author, mother of two, and best known as Your Enneagram Coach, has written the book moms have been longing for. 

Enneagram for Moms isn’t a self-help book.  You won’t find a lecture about how all your parenting problems would be solved if you could just stick to a 17-step morning routine, nor does it require you to change everything about yourself to become a “good mom.”

As your guide through Enneagram for Moms, Beth offers every mom hope, wisdom, deep understanding, and a path forward as your truest self. She leads moms to identify their core fears, desires, weaknesses, and longings so they can finally understand their unique parenting perspective.


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There is no “one size fits all” approach to parenting.

Every mom parents differently. 

Maybe you light up your family with boundless optimism and bursts of creativity.

Or maybe you anchor your family with unwavering loyalty and impressive patience.

You might be a mom who confidently guides your family with sage wisdom, or a mom who is deeply in touch with each of your children’s feelings.

You may be any one of these moms and still feel like you’re lost, uncertain, or just trying to survive. 

The struggles we face as moms – with ourselves, with our children, with the expectations of others – are as diverse as our personalities.

That’s why the Enneagram is a game-changing tool for approaching motherhood. 

In Enneagram for Moms, the intricate art of parenting is represented by diverse colors on a divine palette. 

These colors – each representing the unique motivations and strategies of each Enneagram type – are graciously used by God to create the beautiful messiness of family life, all the while empowering and redeeming our contributions as moms. 

This book helps you understand your own “shade” of parenting. Providing a roadmap for the ups and downs that come with the roller coaster journey of raising kids. 

Beth McCord is your experienced, empathetic guide. Through Enneagram for Moms, she will hold your hand and walk with you, equipping you with the knowledge, insights, and strategies you need to be the healthy, content mom you were created to be.

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If you’ve ever wished there was a roadmap for parenting created just for you… this is it.

Enneagram for Moms will help every mom:

  • Find healing for your emotional patterns and personality
  • Discover how your unique “shade” distinctly colors your parenting approach

  • Gain valuable tools to help your children navigate their own emotions with self-awareness and resilience

  • See yourself and your children exactly as God intends, free from mom guilt and shame

  • Recognize your child’s unique blend of colors that reflect God’s infinitely beautiful design

  • Embrace your natural tendencies and perspective so you can learn how to work with your parenting type instead of fighting against it

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