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Want to bring the
Enneagram to Your Event?

Your Audience will Experience Many "AHA!" Moments

We’ll listen to your challenges, opportunities, and consider your unique audience. We’ll provide a fresh perspective to help you understand your team and impact every aspect of your business through the lens of the enneagram.

Something magical happens in the room every time we do this.

You’ll see it, too. The breakthroughs happen before your eyes. You’ll get to the heart of the people on your team and be encouraged as you understand each other in new ways.

Suddenly, your audience will have a deeper understanding of why those around them do the things they do and a greater understanding of how to work together more effectively.

Best of all, you’ll see others show up as their best selves, more compassionate to those around them, leveraging their unique personalities in productive ways that help to grow and further the mission of your organization by leveraging the most valuable asset you have — your people.

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