How to Lead, Coach, and Counsel with the Enneagram

Moms, wives, and women of God! This Enneagram mini course was made for you!

In it you’ll discover how you can leverage the Enneagram and the Gospel to lead and guide others. Whether you want to

become a part-time Enneagram coach or use the Enneagram in your existing practice or business, this minicourse is for you.

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A Sneak Peek at What We’ll Cover 

Why the Enneagram and the Gospel are the Best Tools for Transformation

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Enneagram in Leading, Coaching, and Therapy

The Simple and Fast Path to Becoming an Enneagram Expert

Hi friend, I'm Beth McCord!

If you were anything like me, you have doubts about your God-given talent:

  • The fear of not being good enough to coach.
  • Those unfinished courses that left you skeptical.
  • Worried about investing in a dream like this.
  • A partner unsure about "weird" personality tools.
  • Not having design skills for marketing.

After nearly two decades of using the Enneagram to impact millions of people, I can tell you this: You are enough! You are able to be used by God to impact others! It’s easy to believe you can’t. That’s the lie the enemy tells us. But I’m telling you, thanks to the Enneagram, I gained a greater understanding of my childhood wounds, faith journey, and relationship with God. I was even able to grow closer to Him and have a healthier, more consistent spiritual life. I began to see myself with astonishing clarity and compassion. So much healing took place in my life, and I operated with greater wisdom, loving others and myself well. I'm the healthiest, strongest version of myself that I've ever been. And now, I am able to help others do the same!

If you’re someone who...

...cares about other people

...enjoys building meaningful relationships

...wants to see lives changed

...needs a fruitful side income

...desires the will of God This free mini-course is for you! I’ll show you what's possible with the Enneagram framework and how it can change not only your life but also the lives of others around you!

Get ready to be so full of meaning and purpose! It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before! Beth

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