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Discovering You

Discover your Type through a 2-hour online course that covers what the Enneagram is, the value of the Enneagram, practical applications, and an overview of all 9 Types.Β 

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Exploring You

Β Exploring You

Once you have discovered your Enneagram Type, you are ready to explore it. This will lead to life changes that come from understanding who you are andΒ why you do what you do.

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Dive deeper into your type

Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP)

A ground-breaking new approach to using the Enneagram that will help you discover that you’re more than just your number.

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Becoming Us
Want to strengthen your marriage?

Becoming Us

Becoming Us is a personalized marriage course tailored to help you and your partner align your marriage with the hope and truth of the Gospel, so you can have the relationship you long for.

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Become an Enneagram Coach

Do you desire to help transform people's lives by bringing them the clarity they need in life with the Enneagram?

This 12-class course and coaching materials will get you started with confidence and support. Our coaching community and resources help you grow without reinventing the wheel. 

  • Start a Coaching Business
  • On-demand Enneagram training from anywhere in the world
  • In depth Become a Coach digital textbook
  • Different package options to meet your needs
  • Private FB Community with access to over 300 coaches
  • Proven worksheets to use with clients
  • Ongoing support & training
  • Access to our tools and coaching strategies
  • Easy to follow plan that gets you results!
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