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Become an Enneagram Coach

Gain expert Enneagram knowledge, make an impact in the world, and generate additional income for your family by building a thriving coaching business. We’ll show you how in our premiere Christian Enneagram certification program.

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Find an Enneagram Coach Online

Our Coaching Network will connect you with certified Enneagram Coaches so you can schedule your own one on one session and grow to become your best self. 

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Explore Your Unique EnneaPath
& Connect with Others

Your EnneaPath teaches you how to apply the knowledge you glean from the Enneagram into practical applications in your everyday life. It is a guided journey, that includes an exclusive community membership, meant to improve your self-development and your relational-development.

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Online Courses

Don't know your Type?

Discovering You

Discover your Type through a 2-hour online course that covers what the Enneagram is, the value of the Enneagram, practical applications, and an overview of all 9 Types. 

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Go Deeper with Your Type

Exploring You

Once you have discovered your Enneagram Type, you are ready to explore it. This will lead to life changes that come from understanding who you are and why you do what you do.

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Want to strengthen your marriage?

Becoming Us

Becoming Us is a personalized marriage course tailored to help you and your partner align your marriage with the hope and truth of the Gospel, so you can have the relationship you long for.

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Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage

Becoming Us

Written by Beth and Jeff McCord, Becoming Us is both a wake-up call and an instruction manual for couples in a committed relationship who want to see and understand one another from a fresh perspective. 

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Accelerate Your Personal Growth and Spiritual Renewal with The Enneagram Collection

The Enneagram Journal Collection

These books for every Enneagram Type are broken down into 21 daily readings, helping you unpack your story using the powerful tool of the Gospel-centered Enneagram. 

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Attend a Live Date Night Event

 Join Beth & Jeff for a date night that will begin the communication between you and your spouse on how your marriage can improve with the Enneagram and the Gospel.

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We’ll listen to your challenges, opportunities, and consider your unique audience. We’ll provide a fresh perspective to help you understand your team and impact every aspect of your business through the lens of the enneagram.

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