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Do you struggle to find your main Enneagram Type? Are you stuck between two different Types?

Often those who are struggling to find their Type will look at their behaviors and say, “But I do this, and I do that.” It is key to remember that it is not about looking at the outward actions, since all Types can do the same things, but for very different reasons. Therefore, you must always go back to your Core Motivations —why you do what you do. Enjoy this mistyping guide to help you see the differences between any two Types more clearly. 

What are my Core Motivations?

The Enneagram reveals why a person thinks, feels, and behaves in particular ways. It is all about the motivations behind what they do, and not the behaviors themselves. When trying to find your main Type, you want to pay close attention to your personalityā€™s Core Motivations (Core Fear, Core Desire, Core Weakness, and Core Longing).Ā 


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