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Explore Your Type - 5 Private Coaching + "Discovering You" course (COUPLES)

Step 1: Explore the Enneagram    

Step 2: Schedule 5 Explore Your Type private coaching sessions with Beth.

(see details below)

Step 1: Explore the Enneagram by watching Beth's online course, Discovering You, which includes a downloadable workbook to go along with this 2-hour course.

Step 2: Schedule your 5 Explore Your Type private coaching sessions with Beth. (A link to Beth's scheduling software will be provided in the course.) Beth will walk you through bite-sized lessons using her custom created Guide Sheets. She will help each of you integrate your personal stories and help you experience accelerated transformation in each session.

Cost breakdown for this package:

1) $24.50 for Discovering You: A Journey Through the Enneagram course (50% off regular price)

2) $175 per session X 5 sessions (1.5 hours each) = $875

Total = $899.50

Pick the payment plan that works best for you.