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Discovering You: A Journey Through the Enneagram

Have you ever wished there was a GPS for your life?  Something that could show you where you are when you feel lost? Something that could help get you to where you want to go when the way seems unclear? Something that could make navigating everything you face easier?

If so, then you and I have a great deal in common. For years I felt lost in my own life. And when I wasn’t lost, I often felt stuck or like I was veering into the same ditch over and over again. I couldn’t understand why I seemed to be going around in circles, never getting anywhere. It was almost like my life was on auto pilot, heading in a direction I was unsure of. 

This lack of direction brought feelings of confusion, self-condemnation, shame, and fear. It didn’t help that as a Christian I knew I should be growing, walking in freedom, and living more purposefully.

Discovering You is your instruction manual on how to use the Enneagram as your internal GPS so you can learn how to avoid falling into your common pitfalls and instead head in the direction of your healthiest self.

In 14 videos (2 hours total), I will teach you how to understand the Enneagram structure and apply it to your life so you can experience real transformation, plus you’ll learn how to:

• discover or verify your personality type 
• understand your type and others
• recognize your negative behaviors so you can choose a healthier path
• understand your core fears and desires and why Christ is the only answer
• understand, accept, and interact with each type

Don't wait any longer, purchase Discovering You now so you can help yourself from falling into your same pitfalls time and time again. Learn how to navigate your internal world toward your healthiest self with the amazing tool of the Enneagram from a biblical perspective.