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Your Enneagram Coach is a safe space to support Christians as they transform through a gospel-centered approach to the Enneagram while helping others to do the same. Our community includes one-on-one coaching, in-person events and workshops and online courses. We also offer training and support for those interested in becoming an Enneagram coach.

The Becoming an Enneagram Coach is more than just a course. It’s everything a coaching business needs to make an impact, build a waiting list, and get consistent results...in just 12 weeks. Becoming an Enneagram Coach is a comprehensive online program to help people of all Enneagram types, backgrounds, and abilities overcome the common hurdles of self-exploration, entrepreneurship, and coaching. It runs the gamut, from creating a business plan to helping discover your clients enneagram type, marketing your services, a deep dive into each of the 9 types and much, much more.

Most Enneagram trainings are far away, making you incur travel costs, hotel costs, and food costs. Some trainings are also spread out, so you have to travel back to the trainings several times, adding more expenses. Beth’s BEC course is a 12-week online course. There are no travel costs and you can take this course even in a busy season of life. You will receive over 15 hours of video recordings from Beth teaching course material. You will also receive over 170 pages of content, materials, and resources to download and print. Beth guides you in how to set up a business, how to recruit clients, and how to coach clients from the first step in discovering their Enneagram type all the way through the coaching process to when they feel fulfilled and transformed.

It is best to have a basic understanding of the Enneagram before starting this course. All you need to do is simply take Beth’s “Discovering You: A Journey Through the Enneagram” course first. You can find this in her website store for only $49. It comes with a 42-page downloadable workbook that you can print off and use as a resource. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to jump into the advanced content and coaching curriculum.

You do not need to already be a coach. Beth has designed this course for those just beginning out in their coaching business.

Yes. Many people come who simply want to become more skillful, resourceful, and influential in their own lives. The Enneagram is the perfect tool for real transformation. Beth takes you on a deeper dive into the Enneagram, which you can use for your own personal growth and understanding.

Beth has designed this course for the busy person. You will only need about 2-3 hours per module. You will need 70 minutes to watch the video recording of Beth teaching, and then time to review and continue to absorb the content.

Nope. This is all new material, or a deeper dive into how the Enneagram works. Beth might cover a few key aspects from her Discovering You course but this course goes much deeper and is much richer in content. It also covers building a business, marketing, and coaching techniques which are not covered in any of her other courses.

Beth does cover this in the course. She has also created a Bonus for those who purchase the Skilled Coach level and Master Coach level that will assist you even more in this area.

Yes. Beth covers this in the first class. She gives you a great starting point and brings insight from over 15 years of experience.


The course alone does not make you a certified Your Enneagram Coach. You will still need to take an assessment and pass with 80% or higher in order to become certified. Once you have completed the course, email [email protected] and ask for the assessment. .

There are multiple benefits of being certified, one is the peace of mind it gives to your clients. It shows them that you have gone through a reputable course and have the training and knowledge it takes to coach them. Additionally it differentiates you from other coaches or competition, validating that you are not a “self-proclaimed” Enneagram expert, but rather have taken the time to learn and acquire the skills necessary to lead others.

This is only available as an online course. This helps to cut down on expenses so our coaches can begin earning income right away.

Beth is a master at simplifying the Enneagram, helping you so you learn in a quick and easy way. Most of the books written about the Enneagram bring a level of complexity that is hard for some to get past. Beth eliminates this frustration so that anyone can learn about the Enneagram and then use it to transform lives. There is much more to learn about actually coaching people that many Enneagram books don’t cover. Not only will you get a deep dive into the Enneagram, but you will also walk away with coaching tools that will help your clients get results from Beth’s years of working face-to-face with clients.

If you are interested in helping to change lives and enjoy learning and using the Enneagram to bless other people, then this training is for you! If you are unsure or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll help discern if this is the best opportunity for you.

I am passionate about seeing others learn about themselves with astonishing clarity so they can move away from self-condemnation, shame and fear. The goal in my coaching and training is to help people experience the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom they already have in Christ. The Enneagram is an amazing tool and resource to help clients get unstuck and experience this in Christ. It is a joy and a honor to train a new generation of coaches to use the Enneagram to advance the work of the gospel in peoples' lives.


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