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Explore Your Type - 5 Private Coaching + "Discovering You" course (INDIVIDUALS)

Step 1: Explore the Enneagram     ––

Step 2: Schedule 5 Explore Your Type private coaching sessions with Beth.

(see details below)

Step 1: Explore the Enneagram by watching Beth's online course, Discovering You, which includes a downloadable workbook to go along with the 2-hour course.

Step 2: Schedule your 5 Explore Your Type private coaching sessions with Beth. (A link to Beth's scheduling software will be provided in the course.) She will walk you through bite-sized lessons using her 5 custom Guide Sheets, integrating your personal story and helping you experience accelerated transformation in these sessions.

Cost breakdown for this package:

1) $49 Discovering You: A Journey Through the Enneagram course

2) $125 per session X 5 sessions = $625

Total = $674

Pick the payment plan that works best for you.