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Exploring You: A Journey Through Type 8

Experience accelerated growth in 5 pre-recorded video sessions with Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord. During each session, she will guide you by using her custom guide sheets that will help you learn about yourself — all through the lens of the gospel.

These bite-sized lessons fuse your personal story with a deep learning experience, so you understand how to use the Enneagram in your everyday life and relationships. Join us in a safe place where you can open up and transform.

Discover how Exploring You will help provide you with your personal roadmap. Fast-track your growth, overcome obstacles, and live a more fulfilling life. You will also get a free Discovering You course to begin your transformational process.

Imagine how different your work, relationships, and personal growth will be once you’ve unlocked your deepest desires.



Please note: These videos contain previous information when Beth was booking private coaching clients. While Beth would love to meet with everyone personally her schedule is already booked out until late 2020. Because she is fully booked, she has hand picked her best coaches to work with you. Click here to schedule a consultation with one of our endorsed Enneagram coaches who can personally guide you through any tricky areas or help you go deeper with your Enneagram Type.