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Podcast Feature: Don't Mom Alone - The Enneagram, Marriage, and the Gospel.

podcasts Dec 04, 2019


Beth recently sat down with Heather MacFadyen, host of the Don’t Mom Alone podcast, for an episode on the Enneagram, Marriage, and the Gospel.


Heather’s ministry focuses on creating an encouraging community to help remind moms they’re never alone. 

Beth and Heather discussed how Jeff and Beth view the Enneagram as a tool, but they look at everything through the lens of the Gospel, because that’s where true transformation comes from. 

The Enneagram can serve as an internal GPS to help  determine why we think, feel, and act the way we do. It can alert us when we start to veer off course and illuminates the condition of our hearts. Everything we do with the Enneagram is filtered through the Gospel and Christ’s love, forgiveness, and grace. 

Every Enneagram Type is designed to reflect God’s glory, and when we are aligned with the Gospel, we can do that so beautifully, even in a broken world. When we discover our Type, it not only helps us become more self-aware and free, but it helps us relate to others with more compassion. It’s truly a game changer for marriages, friendships, and other relationships. 

We hope you enjoy listening to this discussion as much as Beth did having it!



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