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Podcast Feature: By His Grace

Beth and Jeff were featured on Episode 49 of By His Grace - "Marriage and the Enneagram: Beth & Jeff McCord"

Beth and Jeff were honored to help Misty Phillip kick off Season Two of her podcast By His Grace. Misty aims to help her listeners overcome their struggles by openly sharing life’s challenges and remembering that God’s amazing grace, hope, and love changes everything.

They shared how the Enneagram has provided them with the language to understand and...


Free Download: How To Love Each Type

If you enjoyed my latest series on How to Love Each Type, be sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to learn more about the specific ways we can encourage, affirm, and point the special people in our lives back to Christ.

In the video, I walk through some specific actions that can be a game-changer in making each Type in your life feel more seen, heard, and truly loved.

Spoiler Alert! Learning to support and serve others helps us grow, not only relationally, but also personally and...


Free Download: How Christ Satisfies Your Core Longing

When we gain a deep understanding of our Type's Core Motivations (Fear, Desire, Weakness, and Longing), it helps us use the Enneagram as an internal GPS to keep ourselves on a healthy growth path. In this series, we’re exploring Core Longing, or the central message each of our hearts is longing to hear, and how Christ alone satisfies it. 

Each Type has a tendency to feel, think, and act in certain ways in order to satisfy their Core Longing. But we forsake our Creator when we...


Podcast Feature: Living Enneagram

Beth was recently featured on Episode 66 of the Living Enneagram podcast: "The Enneagram’s Role In Christianity with Beth McCord."

Beth recently sat down with Certified Enneagram Coach Callie Ammons on her podcast Living Enneagram. Like Beth, Callie is passionate about viewing the Enneagram through a Gospel lens. It serves as our internal GPS to help us understand why we think, feel, and act the way we do. It can also help us realize when we start moving in unhealthy patterns,...


Podcast Feature: Generation 2 Generation

Beth and Jeff were featured on Episode 8 of Generation 2 Generation - "Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Life"

Beth and Jeff were recent guests on host Michael Coggin’s podcast, Generation 2 Generation, which is designed to help listeners better understand the calling of ministry and Christian living.

The Enneagram is such a helpful tool in itself, but they've worked for years filtering every part of it through a Gospel...


Podcast Feature: Living Easy

Beth was featured on Episode 13 of Living Easy - "How to Use the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Marriage & Healthy Friendships"

Beth recently sat down with Lindsey Maestas, host of the Living Easy podcast for an episode called “How to Use the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Marriage & Healthy Friendships.” Lindsey’s philosophy is to share life and community with honesty and authenticity.

They discussed how the Enneagram provides insightful language into...


Podcast Feature: The Called

Beth and Jeff were featured on Episode 8 of Called - "How the Enneagram Can Make Us Better Leaders with Beth and Jeff McCord"

Jeff and Beth were recent guests on the Called podcast for an episode called “How the Enneagram Can Make Us Better Leaders.” This church leadership program is designed to equip leaders for ministry and life.

They shared that the Enneagram is about so much more than categorizing your personality Types. It had the power to be a...


Podcast Feature: Jesus Calling

Beth was featured on Episode 192 of Jesus Calling - "Who Are We Really"

During her segment, Beth explained how the Gospel-centered Enneagram can serve as our internal GPS, showing us WHY we think, feel, and act the way we do. When we incorrectly assume the motivations of others, it can cause significant relationship issues.

When we learn that each Enneagram Type is created by God to see the world uniquely, it helps us have more empathy, grace, and love for them. As we come to...


Podcast Feature: Awesome Marriage

Jeff and Beth were featured on Episode 385 of Awesome Marriage - "The Enneagram + Your Marriage"

Jeff and Beth were honored to recently sit down with professional counselor Dr. Kim Kimberling as guests on his podcast, Awesome Marriage. With more than 45 years of experience, Dr. Kimberling uses his practical and Biblical knowledge to encourage healthy marriages and relationships.

In this interview, they discussed how the Enneagram leads them both to self-discovery and a...


Free Download: How the Gospel Frees Us

This Christmas season, let’s use the Enneagram to point us to the truth of the Gospel and the real Christmas message, how Christ set us free!

Because of Christ's finished work on our behalf, we have His unconditional love, forgiveness, and complete freedom to live as His beloved children. We are no longer orphans who need to live in fear, self-condemnation, and shame, because He set us free and now calls us His own. Because He delights in us, he extended His perfect righteousness onto...

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