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Podcast Feature: Behind The Scenes

Jeff and Beth were featured on Episode 64 of Behind The Scenes - "The Enneagram + Your Marriage"

Jeff and Beth were honored to join Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on their podcast, Behind the Scenes, for the episode “The Enneagram + Your Marriage.” The Roloffs are big fans of the Enneagram and are already using it as a transformative tool in their relationship, so it was a pleasure to dive deep during the discussion.

They talked about their introduction to the...


Podcast Feature: The Collectives Co

Beth was featured on Episode 004 of The Collectives Co - "Your Enneagram Coach"

Beth was a recent guest on an episode of The Collectives Co. podcast called “Your Enneagram Coach” with hosts Rob and Jeff. The podcast serves to encourage college students and young adults to live in community and follow their faith and calling.

They launched into a quick discussion about the origins of the Enneagram, her introduction to it almost 20 years ago, and how it can be a valuable...


Free Download: Year-End Reflection for All 9 Types

2019 is drawing to a close, and soon we’ll have another year behind us. We’ll also be embarking on a brand new decade! I love this time of year because it reminds us all to take inventory of where we are on our growth journeys, using the Enneagram as our internal GPS. Let’s pause to look at this year’s successes, failures, joys, sorrows, key learnings, and the ways God was faithful along the way. 

My latest educational series is designed to facilitate reflection,...


Podcast Feature: Famous at Home (Part 2)

Jeff and Beth were recently featured on the podcast Famous at Home - Navigating Emotions With the Enneagram.

Jeff and Beth wrapped up a great discussion with Dr. Josh and Christi Straub of the Famous at Home podcast with a second episode on the Enneagram, emotions, and marriage.

They kicked off the conversation by highlighting how the Gospel-centered Enneagram not only helps see yourselves with more clarity but shows us how Christ satisfies our Core Longings and speaks directly...


Podcast Feature: Don't Mom Alone - The Enneagram, Marriage, and the Gospel.


Beth recently sat down with Heather MacFadyen, host of the Don’t Mom Alone podcast, for an episode on the Enneagram, Marriage, and the Gospel.


Heather’s ministry focuses on creating an encouraging community to help remind moms they’re never alone. 

Beth and Heather discussed how Jeff and Beth view the Enneagram as a tool, but they look at everything through the lens of the Gospel, because that’s where true transformation comes from. 


Podcast Feature: Famous at Home (Part 1)

Jeff and Beth were recently featured in the Famous at Home podcast - Navigating Emotions With the Enneagram.

Jeff and Beth recently sat down with fellow Nashvillians Dr. Josh and Christi Straub on their podcast Famous at Home for two episodes about the Enneagram, emotions, and marriage.

In the first episode, they talked about their introduction to the Enneagram almost 20 years ago and the important, sometimes difficult process of finding your Enneagram Type based on Core...


Podcast Feature: Forge - The Enneagram and the Gospel


Beth was recently a guest on on the Forge podcast, a leadership and business community for Christ-followers. 


Beth was thrilled to sit down with hosts Zac and Lilah Higgins for an episode all about using the Gospel-centered Enneagram to transform lives.  

They discussed Beth's introduction to this amazing tool almost 20 years ago and how she and Jeff eventually merged his seminary training with her extensive research to create their...


Free Download: Giving Thanks for Each Type

“Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done.” Remember that old hymn? We set aside the season of Thanksgiving to express our gratitude, but it’s always a great time to reflect on how God intricately created each of us. Each personality has a unique perspective and beautiful attributes that reflect the image of God, and I’m immensely grateful for each one. 

Enjoy this free download of why I’m giving thanks for...


Podcast Feature: Speak Life - Gospel-Centered Enneagram


Beth was recently a guest on Taylor Nichol's Speak Life Podcast introducing listeners to the Gospel-centered Enneagram. 

Beth was honored to be a recent guest on Taylor Nichol’s podcast, Speak Life, to introduce her listeners to the Gospel-centered Enneagram and its power to help transform lives.

Beth and Taylor discussed all about how the Enneagram can serve as our internal GPS and help us create healthier relational dynamics with the people in our...


Free Download: Transforming Into The New You - The 9 Enneagram Types At Their Best 

Hi, Friends! It’s Your Enneagram Coach Beth here. Did you catch my latest series, The 9 Types at their Best? As a coach, I love showing people how to grow into the healthiest versions of themselves. Transforming into the people God intricately created us to be is what the Enneagram is all about. This tool gives us a roadmap to a life of purpose and fulfillment, but once we start to reap the fruit of transformation in our own lives, the next step is to cheer on the people closest to...

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