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Podcast Feature: Hustle & Grace

Beth was featured on the Hustle & Grace Podcast Episode 20: On the Enneagram.

Beth was a recent guest on the Hustle & Grace podcast with Hilary Sutton. Hilary is a talented speaker, writer, consultant and fellow entrepreneur, and I really enjoyed our conversation about using the Enneagram as an internal GPS to steer ourselves out of unhealthy patterns to a path of awareness and transformation.

They discuss how to understand our personality Type's Core Motivations and how they contribute to our struggles and pitfalls, not to bring shame upon ourselves, but rather to accelerate grace and freedom in every area of our lives. If you or someone you know wants to understand how the Enneagram is different from other personality typing systems, go tune in with your favorite podcast platform.



Living Hope: How the Gospel Fulfills Our Core Desires

Hi, Enneagram Friends. It’s Your Enneagram Coach Beth, back to talk to you about how our Type’s Core Motivations are driving our thoughts, feelings and actions. When we truly understand our hardwiring, we can use the knowledge as an internal GPS to keep ourselves on the path of health and wholeness in our life, work and relationships.

Be sure to follow me over on Instagram as we unpack all 9 Types’ Core Motivations (Fears, Desires, Weaknesses and Longings). If you’re unsure of your Enneagram Type, I recommend paying special attention to this series! Perhaps you’ve taken my free assessment, but you’re still a little unsure. (No matter how sophisticated, assessments can only be about 80% effective, depending on the individual’s spiritual and emotional self-awareness and health.) Honing in on your personality’s Core Motivations is vital in determining your Type and unlocking the transformation and freedom a Gospel-centered Enneagram has...


Overcoming Our Core Fears

How the Gospel Sets Us Free From the Ties That Bind Us

Greetings, Enneagram Friends! It’s Your Enneagram Coach Beth, back with more insights to help you in your personal awareness and transformation journey. If you follow me on Instagram, you know we’re currently diving into the Core Motivations of each Enneagram Type, starting with Core Fear. Understanding our Core Motivations is part of using the Enneagram as an internal GPS on the path of healing and wholeness.

When we gain insight into our Core Fear, what our personality is constantly trying to avoid, run away from or prevent from happening in everyday situations and interactions, we can harness the insight to steer ourselves away from common pitfalls and unhealthy patterns, leading us to peace, empowerment and freedom in life, work and relationships. Each of our tendencies to think, feel and behave in certain ways are rooted in protecting ourselves from our Core Fear.

As you identify and and confront your...


Podcast Feature: Retreat House

Beth was featured on the Retreat House Podcast Episodes 66 & 67: Spiritual Formation and the Enneagram.

Beth was recently a guest on the Retreat House Podcast, for a series on how the Enneagram can be used as a tool for spiritual formation. Hosted by Angie Smith, this amazing community is all about bringing people to the table and hearing their stories to learn more about God, ourselves, and the world around us.

Tune in to our two-part discussion about how a Gospel-centered Enneagram can help us discover what a vibrant, joyful and grace-filled walk with Christ looks like for our personalities, leading to freedom in every area of our lives, and making the world a better place.




Anatomy of the Enneagram Types

Hello, Fellow Enneagram Aficionados! It’s Your Enneagram Coach Beth, back to explore the ins and outs of every Type with you. When most people discover the Enneagram, their first order of business is usually to learn as much as they can about their own Type. They’re natural priority is to uncover the Core Motivations behind their own thoughts, feelings, behaviors and struggles, and the ways they can keep themselves on a healthy path. (Don’t know your Enneagram type? Take my free assessment)

This is a wonderful first step, but the beauty of the Enneagram is that it gives us so much insight, not only into ourselves, but also into all the people around us. You most likely know at least one person of every Type, and learning more about who they are and what makes them tick has so many benefits. Not only will you gain greater awareness of why your spouse, children, friends, and co-workers do what they do, but you’ll also be able to extend more grace, empathy and...


Podcast Feature: The Savvy Sauce

Beth was featured on The Savvy Sauce Podcast Episode 42: Understanding and Utilizing the Enneagram in Your Life.

Jeremiah 1:5 (a) NIV “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;"
Do you listen to the Savvy Sauce podcast? It's a community designed to help us all live more intentionally, and to apply the Gospel in every area of our life. Beth was excited to be a guest for an episode about applying the Enneagram in our walk with the Lord and relationship with others.
Along with host and Christian Family Therapist Laura Dugger, they discussed the Enneagram and its invitation to put our full dependence on Christ. They walk through the perspectives of the 9 Types, and how we can better understand, love and serve one another.



The Hidden Struggle Is Real

Arming Ourselves For the Internal Battle We’re All Fighting

Hello my fellow Enneagram fans! It’s Your Enneagram Coach Beth, back with you again to dig a little deeper into the internal worlds of each Type. Remember, the better we understand the Enneagram and our personalities, the better we can use the insights as a GPS to keep ourselves on a healthy path in every area of our lives. It’s especially beneficial to gain a deep understanding of our Hidden Struggle, the persistent internal battle we’re always fighting, but try to keep concealed from the people around us.

Before we dive into this topic, know that this knowledge is not meant to make us cast shame or blame on ourselves or others, but rather as another reason to put our full dependence on Christ, the One who knit us together in our mother’s wombs and knows the number of hairs on our head. We belong to Him, despite every thought, emotion and battle we are fighting.

A Gospel-centered approach...


Podcast Feature: Confronting Normal

Beth was featured on the Confronting Normal Podcast Episode 38: Confronting Self-Awareness, Different Views of the World.

We all think our view of the world is the right view, but what if we learned to see the world through nine different types of lenses? How might it shape our views, open up our empathy and increase our understanding of the world in a more holistic way? This is exactly what makes The Enneagram the popular typology tool that it is today.

Today’s episode is a conversation with Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord — speaker, author, coach — about what it could look like for us to meet in the middle and honour one another in order to see our relationships flourish. Through greater self-awareness, we can learn that seeing the world from different vantage points can be a really good thing; and perhaps this is the way Christ intended for us to live and love and move as His body.



Primary Focus of Attention

The better we understand the Enneagram and our Type's Core Motivations, the better we can use it as an internal GPS to keep ourselves on a healthy path. Enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD of each Type's Primary Focus of Attention, the specific and automatic current that is pulling at each us in every interaction and environment.

Remember that this knowledge is not meant to bring shame about your Type's internal patterns, but rather to help you steer yourself away from unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ's image, and He took care of everything through His life, death and resurrection.

Wherever your Primary Focus of Attention is today, take a deep breath and remember that you are God's beloved child, and no matter your internal struggles and tendencies, you can fix your eyes on Him and take rest in this truth.

For more Gospel-centered insights on The Enneagram, follow us on Instagram @yourenneagramcoach


Podcast Feature: Hey Love

Beth was featured on the Hey Love Podcast Episode 72: "Shed the Fig Leaf" (A Look at the Enneagram) with Beth McCord and Johanna Powell.

Today’s show is a little longer than most, as host Karthi Masters sits down with two expert friends to help provide answers to all things Enneagram. This is the most comprehensive, gospel centric overview you will find anywhere.

Karthi's hope is that this episode can be something you can use and will find it helpful as you navigate your relationships...the prayer has been for this message to be bathed in the words of Jesus to Paul – II Cor 12. “My grace is sufficient for you. And my power shows strong in your weakness.”

Beth McCord and Johanna Powell will explain how the Enneagram is way more than a personality test. It’s a neutral system that can be used as a tool to lead us in a lifestyle of celebrating our gifts and repenting of our weaknesses; of shedding our fig leaves,...

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