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Podcast Feature: Happy Hour

Beth was featured on Episode 293 of Happy Hour - "Your Enneagram Coach | Relationships | Gospel Transformation"

What are you loving right now? What are you reading? These are the questions that Jamie Icey asks every guest at the end of her podcast, The Happy Hour!

Beth was thrilled to head to Austin, TX a few weeks ago to sit down with Jamie for a Happy Hour episode all about the Gospel-centered Enneagram, and how it can transform lives and relationships.

Beth is such...


Podcast Feature: Simply Wholehearted

Beth was featured on Episode 141 of Simply Wholehearted - "Grow Your Self Awareness and Expand Your Love"

Beth was excited to sit down with Enneagram Coach Amy Wicks on her podcast, Simply Wholehearted, to discuss enhancing your self-awareness.

Diving into the Enneagram can be overwhelming as people learn about their Type and Core Motivations, and then process how to proceed with life and relationships from there. The Gospel-centered Enneagram allows you to see yourself...


Podcast Feature: The Living Room

Beth was featured on Episode 025 of The Living Room Podcast: "The Gospel-Centered Enneagram with Beth McCord."

Beth was honored to recently sit down with Joanna Weaver on her podcast, The Living Room, to unpack the basics of the Gospel-centered Enneagram.

(FYI, Joanna is the author of “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World,” which you may have heard of!)

Learn how you can use the Enneagram to help guide you to paths of growth as you start to better understand...


Podcast Feature: It's Time For Coffee

Beth was recently featured on Episode 099 of It's Time For Coffee - "It's Time To Read"

Beth was excited to sit down recently with Jeanette Tapley for her podcast, It’s Time for Coffee, to talk about the Gospel-centered Enneagram and how you can really lean into who God uniquely created you to be. 

Beth's love for the Enneagram began almost 20 years ago out of desperation in a tough season of life when her husband Jeff and her were newlyweds and young parents.



Podcast Feature: The Refined Collective

Beth was recently featured on Episode 80 of the Refined Collective podcast: "Confused by Enneagram? We're Breakin' It Down for You"


Beth recently sat down with Kat Harris to talk about all things Enneagram for her podcast The Refined Collective, which aims to create a safe space for listeners to share their lives honestly and authentically. 


The Enneagram allows us to categorize people into 9 personality Types, based on their Core Motivations, or the...


Podcast Feature: No Chill Enneagram

Beth was featured on Episode 9 of No Chill Enneagram - "My Wisdom is a Sneak Attack"

Beth recently joined hosts Richard Clark and Bethany Perkins for their podcast, “No Chill Enneagram,” for a fun conversation about both insightful and playful ways to use the Enneagram.

They covered topics ranging from which animal best represents each Enneagram Type to what kind of coach would be best for each Type. She also walked through Blind Spots, Converging Paths and how the...


Free Download: Stances

If you enjoyed my latest series on the Stances, or the Interpersonal Coping Styles, of each Type, head over to my YouTube channel to learn more.

In the video, I walk through the way each Type's Dutiful, Assertive, or Withdrawn Stance can play out in their daily life as they try to get others to respond to them and get their needs met. This insight might just open your eyes to the way you and others behave in order to be seen, loved, and accepted.

The more aligned we are with the truth of the...


Podcast Feature: By His Grace

Beth and Jeff were featured on Episode 49 of By His Grace - "Marriage and the Enneagram: Beth & Jeff McCord"

Beth and Jeff were honored to help Misty Phillip kick off Season Two of her podcast By His Grace. Misty aims to help her listeners overcome their struggles by openly sharing life’s challenges and remembering that God’s amazing grace, hope, and love changes everything.

They shared how the Enneagram has provided them with the language to understand and...


Free Download: How To Love Each Type

If you enjoyed my latest series on How to Love Each Type, be sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to learn more about the specific ways we can encourage, affirm, and point the special people in our lives back to Christ.

In the video, I walk through some specific actions that can be a game-changer in making each Type in your life feel more seen, heard, and truly loved.

Spoiler Alert! Learning to support and serve others helps us grow, not only relationally, but also personally and...


Free Download: How Christ Satisfies Your Core Longing

When we gain a deep understanding of our Type's Core Motivations (Fear, Desire, Weakness, and Longing), it helps us use the Enneagram as an internal GPS to keep ourselves on a healthy growth path. In this series, we’re exploring Core Longing, or the central message each of our hearts is longing to hear, and how Christ alone satisfies it. 

Each Type has a tendency to feel, think, and act in certain ways in order to satisfy their Core Longing. But we forsake our Creator when we...

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