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Podcast Feature: Yoked: The Enneagram in Marriage

Beth was recently featured on Woven podcast series "Yoked: The Enneagram in Marriage" with Rebecca Cochran and Rebecca Peet. 

Beth and Jeff have spent the entire year focusing on how the Enneagram specifically relates to marriages through their Becoming Us Live speaking tour and the Becoming Us book (which just hit bookstore shelves last week!). Because of this, Beth was thrilled to be a recent guest on the Woven podcast during a 4-part marriage series called “Yoked: The...


Podcast Feature: Real With Melanie

Beth was featured on Real With Melanie.

Beth was excited to be a recent guest on Melanie Reyes’ podcast, Real with Melanie, to discuss all things Enneagram with her followers. They talked about Beth's introduction to the Enneagram almost 20 years ago, and how it transformed her spiritual life, marriage, and parenting.

If you're looking for an overview of all 9 Types, how we use our Wings, and how the Enneagram can serve as an internal GPS to keep us on our healthiest...


Podcast Feature: Simply Wholehearted - Keeping The Peace

Beth was featured on Episode 113 of Simply Wholehearted - Keeping The Peace. 

Beth was honored to be a repeat guest on the Simply Wholehearted podcast with host Amy Wicks last month. Amy is a busy wife, mom, and Gospel-based Enneagram coach, so she and Beth have much in common!

In this episode, “Keeping the Peace”, they discussed the idea that unity and harmony are possible in all relationships, no matter the Enneagram Type combination. There is no perfect...


Podcast Feature: Cultivating the Lovely

Beth was featured on Episode 131 of Cultivative the Lovely Podcast: Enneagram Deep Dive with Beth McCord.

Beth was honored to be a guest on MacKenzie Koppa’s podcast, Cultivating the Lovely, to take listeners on an Enneagram deep-dive. In this episode, they discussed finding true identity in Christ while using the Enneagram as a tool to help stay aligned with the Gospel. From embracing who God created us uniquely to be and living in His grace, to showing others more...


Podcast Feature: Life With Many Blessings

Beth was featured on the 101th Episode of Lief With Many Blessings Podcast: Enneagram 101.

Beth's kids are grown now, but she vividly remembers those early years when life revolved around diapers and sippy cups before giving way to elementary school and after school activities! The Life With Many Blessings podcast by Tiffany and Laura focuses on the daily walk of Christian moms, no matter their phase of life.

Earlier this month, Beth gave an Enneagram 101 crash course. Busy moms can get...


Podcast Feature: Heart of Dating

Beth and Jeff were recently featured on The Heart of Dating Podcast Episode 56: How to Use the Enneagram to Have Healthy and Thriving Relationships.

Beth and Jeff recently sat down with Kait Warman, host of The Heart of Dating podcast, to discuss all things Enneagram, especially when it comes to Christ-honoring relationships.

They talked all about the importance of understanding ourselves before entering in to a committed relationship, and how this self-awareness combined with dependence...


Podcast Feature: Diary of A Small Town Girl

Beth was featured on Diary of a Small Town Girl Episode 39: Small Town Enneagram Coach.

Beth recently had the pleasure of sitting down with life coach Jenn VanHekken to record an episode for her podcast, Diary of a Small Town Girl.

Jenn uses the Enneagram in her coaching business to more effectively help her clients plan for success and achieve their goals. Jenn and Beth discussed all 9 Enneagram Types, and how understanding our Core Motivations can make all the difference in fostering better...


Podcast Feature: 4Word

Beth was featured on the 4Word Episode 10: How The Enneagram Can Improve Your Self-Care.

This conversation was all about how we can apply the Christ-centered Enneagram for self-care, a practice that so many of us struggle with on a daily basis. News Flash: Self-care, or as some like to call it, soul-care, can look very different for every personalty!

During this chat, Beth walks through the Core Motivations of all 9 Enneagram Types, and explains how understanding our wiring can help us keep...


Podcast Feature: Legal Road Map

Beth was featured on the Legal Road Map Episode 86: Enneagram + Business.

Beth recently sat down with Autumn Witt Boyd, Attorney and Founder of AWB Law Firm, for an episode of the Legal Road Map podcast all about the Enneagram. If you're growing your business with online courses, certification programs, coaching or other educational offerings, you'll find this discussion particularly helpful. You'll learn how understanding the Enneagram can change team dynamics, the importance of patience...


Podcast Feature: Annie Downs, #EnneaSummer2019

Beth was featured on the That Sounds Fun Podcast with Annie Downs in her #EnneaSummer2019.

We love that Annie shares our love for the Enneagram and applying it to understand ourselves, better love our people, and find freedom in Christ!

Beth was honored to be a guest on 9 episodes of Annie's That Sounds Fun Podcast in June as she hosted a special show dedicated to each Enneagram Type. Beth provided the show introductions, giving an overview of each Type's key attributes...

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