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Podcast Feature: The Alli Worthington Show

Beth was featured on The Alli Worthington Show Episode 37: Discovering You with the Enneagram.

In this episode, Alli Worthington is with Beth McCord, also known as Your Enneagram Coach, and they have such an amazing show for you today! You will want to have a way to take notes as you listen. This is a show that is so full of wisdom, insight, and encouragement from Beth!

In this episode they discuss:

1. How to honor how God designed you

2. How Christians can use the Enneagram for growth

3. The unique message your heart longs to hear



Podcast Feature: Simply Whole Moms

Beth was featured on the Simply Whole Moms Podcast Episode 16: Introduction to and More on the Enneagram

If you have no clue what the Enneagram is, then tune in to this episode! Hosts Kara and Nicole had the pleasure of chatting with Beth McCord, a.k.a. Your Enneagram Coach. She has been speaking, teaching, and coaching about the Enneagram for over 15 years. This conversation could have gone on so much longer - Beth is a wealth of knowledge.

This interview is split up into two parts. Part 1 details who Beth is, how she found the Enneagram and gives a quick intro into the nine types.

In Part 2 they dive a little bit deeper into some of the Enneagram numbers, including which numbers tend to confuse themselves with each other. Beth speaks on wings, healthy vs. unhealthy behavior in the different types, and how her resources can help you discover your Enneagram type and move forward in growth in your type.



Podcast Feature: The Enneacast

Beth was featured on The Enneacast Podcast Episode 9: Type 9 - The Peacemaker.

Hosts Jesse Eubanks and Sam Stevenson give an overview of Enneagram Type 9 and interview Enneagram coach Beth McCord. The crew plays Your Worst Nightmare where Jesse pits the peacemakers against one another for his own entertainment.



Podcast Feature: The Emerge Podcast

Beth was featured on The Emerge Podcast Episode 3: The Enneagram Through The Lens of The Gospel.

This episode is for all fellow Enneagram lovers out there and anyone curious about what makes people tick in relationships and life. Today, hosts Emily and Tanya talk with Beth McCord of "Your Enneagram Coach". Beth shares the history of the Enneagram, a thorough description of each number and then provides amazing and insightful verbiage for how to understand and apply it from a Gospel centered perspective. Additionally, in a cultural moment when love and understanding seems to be in short supply, Beth shares with us how to use the the Enneagram as a tool of compassion as we journey into becoming who God uniquely made each of us to be. They hope you walk away from this episode encouraged and equipped to walk towards streams of Living Water in your life.



Podcast Feature: Adam Young's Podcast "The Place We Find Ourselves"

Beth was featured on Adam Young’s Podcast “The Place We Find Ourselves” Episode 30 and 31: Trauma and the Enneagram.

Enneagram expert Beth McCord and Adam Young begin to explore the question of “How might your Enneagram type influence the way you experience abuse or harm? And how might your Enneagram type influence the way you respond to abuse or harm?” Their conversation begins with a discussion of the intersection of trauma and the Enneagram, and then concludes by looking specifically at Types Eight, Nine, and One in episode 30 and Types Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven in episode 31.



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