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Podcast Feature: Heart of Dating

podcasts Jul 22, 2019

Beth and Jeff were recently featured on The Heart of Dating Podcast Episode 56: How to Use the Enneagram to Have Healthy and Thriving Relationships.

Beth and Jeff recently sat down with Kait Warman, host of The Heart of Dating podcast, to discuss all things Enneagram, especially when it comes to Christ-honoring relationships.

They talked all about the importance of understanding ourselves before entering in to a committed relationship, and how this self-awareness combined with dependence on Christ allows us to be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

When we find our true identity in Christ, we can accept His grace and be able to extend it to others.

Their hope is that couples will understand that compatibility is possible between any Enneagram type pairing. There is no “perfect combination.” The real secret to  building a thriving relationship is aligning our hearts with the truth of the Gospel.

Tune in to the full conversation!


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