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Podcast Feature: Speak Life - Gospel-Centered Enneagram

podcasts Nov 20, 2019


Beth was recently a guest on Taylor Nichol's Speak Life Podcast introducing listeners to the Gospel-centered Enneagram. 

Beth was honored to be a recent guest on Taylor Nichol’s podcast, Speak Life, to introduce her listeners to the Gospel-centered Enneagram and its power to help transform lives.

Beth and Taylor discussed all about how the Enneagram can serve as our internal GPS and help us create healthier relational dynamics with the people in our lives. They also talked about watching children grow into their Enneagram Types as they mature, and how we can best support them through the process.

Beth really enjoyed telling the story of her own personal growth as a Type 9, and how she went from sitting back in the shadows to following her calling to become a coach, teacher, and author in the last few years.

It is SO powerful when God speaks to us and we can truly step into who He created us to be!




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