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Free Download: How the Gospel Frees Us

enneagram free downloads Dec 20, 2019

This Christmas season, let’s use the Enneagram to point us to the truth of the Gospel and the real Christmas message, how Christ set us free!

Because of Christ's finished work on our behalf, we have His unconditional love, forgiveness, and complete freedom to live as His beloved children. We are no longer orphans who need to live in fear, self-condemnation, and shame, because He set us free and now calls us His own. Because He delights in us, he extended His perfect righteousness onto us, freeing us from the shackles and weaknesses of our Types. 

Use this FREE DOWNLOAD to reflect on the fact that Christ has set you free, and how that allows you to grow into the person you were intricately designed to be. Embrace this truth and give Him glory, honor, and praise. Remember: The Enneagram is a great tool, but the Gospel IS the transformation. Be sure to share this post with friends of all Types so they can also be reminded of this blessing this holiday season. 


How the Gospel Frees Us

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