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Free Download: Tips for Healthy Communication with Your Spouse’s Type

enneagram free downloads Jun 13, 2019

Hi, Friends. It’s Your Enneagram Coach Beth here. For those of us in relationships, we know that healthy communication is critical to a thriving and lasting partnership. Though sometimes that's easier said than done, I created this resource to help move you and your significant other in the right direction.  

This free download outlines what healthy communication with each Enneagram Type looks like, giving tips for understanding, listening, and responding to our significant others. When our partners feel seen, heard, and loved, it makes them come alive and helps them transform into the best version of themselves.  

Marriage Communication for Each Enneagram Type

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As always, my heart is to point you and your spouse back to the truth of the Gospel. When we’re aligned with Christ, we know that our partners struggle here on earth and can communicate in hurtful ways, but we can extend grace, mercy, and forgiveness since our hearts are resting in the freeing work of Christ on our behalf. We communicate with empathy, patience, and integrity, knowing we are all fully loved, valued and accepted in Christ, despite our insecurities and shortcomings. 

I’m praying these Enneagram insights draw you closer to your partner, deepening your walk with the Lord and helping you grow into the couple you were designed to be. By taking the time to learn the intricacies of your spouse’s personality, and listen and respond to them in a way that points them to Christ, you’re ministering to their heart and making an impact for the Kingdom of God!  

As you take an honest look at your communication dynamics with your partner and do the hard work of change, remember that healthy growth isn’t always easy, but your relationship is worth it! 

Want to dig deeper into using a Gospel-centered Enneagram to transform your marriage communication? 

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