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Podcast Feature: Annie Downs, #EnneaSummer2019

podcasts May 31, 2019

Beth was featured on the That Sounds Fun Podcast with Annie Downs, #EnneaSummer2019.

Exciting summer news! Beth will be a guest on 9 episodes of the That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie Downs for her #EnneaSummer2019 series. Each week in June, Annie will release a new podcast on Monday and Thursday. During each episode, she'll interview two people of the same Type so you can really learn about each personality.

We love that Annie shares our love for the Enneagram and applying it to understand ourselves, better love our people, and find freedom in Christ!

Beth is so honored to be a guest on all 9 episodes, providing information and insight on each personality Type. The series just began, so be sure to tune in along the way. Be sure to share with all your friends!


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