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Podcast Feature: Annie Downs, #EnneaSummer2019

podcasts May 31, 2019

Beth was featured on the That Sounds Fun Podcast with Annie Downs in her #EnneaSummer2019.

We love that Annie shares our love for the Enneagram and applying it to understand ourselves, better love our people, and find freedom in Christ!

Beth was honored to be a guest on 9 episodes of Annie's That Sounds Fun Podcast in June as she hosted a special show dedicated to each Enneagram Type. Beth provided the show introductions, giving an overview of each Type's key attributes and Core Motivations at the beginning of each episode.

Our talented songwriter friend Ryan O'Neil of Sleeping at Last provided the music for each show with his beautiful songs dedicated to each number.

Then Annie interviewed one male and one female of each Type, diving into their unique perspectives, strengths, struggles, and spiritual walks.

These episodes were so insightful, entertaining, and moving, and you'll want to go back and tune in to all of them (series links below!). You'll not only gain more understanding of your own personality, but also more empathy and compassion for all the others, helping you love all your people well.

Don't miss out on this incredible series!


Click here to listen to Type 1

Click here to listen to Type 2

Click here to listen to Type 3

Click here to listen to Type 4

Click here to listen to Type 5

Click here to listen to Type 6

Click here to listen to Type 7

Click here to listen to Type 8

Click here to listen to Type 9 (Coming soon!)

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