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Podcast Feature: Awesome Marriage

podcasts Jan 10, 2020

Jeff and Beth were featured on Episode 385 of Awesome Marriage - "The Enneagram + Your Marriage"

Jeff and Beth were honored to recently sit down with professional counselor Dr. Kim Kimberling as guests on his podcast, Awesome Marriage. With more than 45 years of experience, Dr. Kimberling uses his practical and Biblical knowledge to encourage healthy marriages and relationships.

In this interview, they discussed how the Enneagram leads them both to self-discovery and a better understanding of their spouses. As you start to see your significant others with new eyes and stop putting unhealthy and unrealistic expectations on them, you can learn to find your hope and fulfillment in Christ. 

The Enneagram is such a powerful tool and can accelerate growth and transformation when used in tandem with the truth of the Gospel. God created us and our spouses uniquely and intentionally, so once we start to see each other in this light, we can better communicate and resolve conflict with, love, and serve one another!

This was a fantastic conversation and they hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they did having it! 

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