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Podcast Feature: Behind The Scenes

podcasts Dec 11, 2019

Jeff and Beth were featured on Episode 64 of Behind The Scenes - "The Enneagram + Your Marriage"

Jeff and Beth were honored to join Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on their podcast, Behind the Scenes, for the episode “The Enneagram + Your Marriage.” The Roloffs are big fans of the Enneagram and are already using it as a transformative tool in their relationship, so it was a pleasure to dive deep during the discussion.

They talked about their introduction to the Enneagram and how they have used it in their own marriage to transform our communication, conflict, and the way they see and react to each other. Beth also explained the four analogies we use most often to describe how to use the Enneagram as a tool:

  • An internal GPS (showing us where we are and where we’re heading)
  • A warning rumble strip (alignment/misalignment)
  • A flashlight (our heart’s condition)
  • Colored glasses (learning to see the world from others’ perspective).

While the Enneagram is an incredibly insightful tool, it will never replace the Gospel. Only our God can make us new and provide the freedom and transformation our hearts long for. 

This was a fantastic conversation and they hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they did having it! 

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