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Podcast Feature: Hey Love

podcasts Jan 26, 2019

Beth was featured on the Hey Love Podcast Episode 72: "Shed the Fig Leaf" (A Look at the Enneagram) with Beth McCord and Johanna Powell.

Today’s show is a little longer than most, as host Karthi Masters sits down with two expert friends to help provide answers to all things Enneagram. This is the most comprehensive, gospel centric overview you will find anywhere.

Karthi's hope is that this episode can be something you can use and will find it helpful as you navigate your relationships...the prayer has been for this message to be bathed in the words of Jesus to Paul – II Cor 12. “My grace is sufficient for you. And my power shows strong in your weakness.”

Beth McCord and Johanna Powell will explain how the Enneagram is way more than a personality test. It’s a neutral system that can be used as a tool to lead us in a lifestyle of celebrating our gifts and repenting of our weaknesses; of shedding our fig leaves, so to speak…. By confessing our type tendencies and abiding in the Vine, we allow Holy Spirit to transform us from the inside out…

If you’ve been taking in information on the Enneagram that leaves you just “feeling better about yourself” or “becoming a better version of yourself,” you are being sold short- don’t settle for that. It’s got to be about transformation; about becoming holy as He is holy. The Enneagram can help us grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ; we take our weaknesses to the altar and allow Him to grow us more and more into His likeness.


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