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Podcast Feature: It's Time For Coffee

podcasts Mar 17, 2020

Beth was recently featured on Episode 099 of It's Time For Coffee - "It's Time To Read"

Beth was excited to sit down recently with Jeanette Tapley for her podcast, It’s Time for Coffee, to talk about the Gospel-centered Enneagram and how you can really lean into who God uniquely created you to be. 

Beth's love for the Enneagram began almost 20 years ago out of desperation in a tough season of life when her husband Jeff and her were newlyweds and young parents.

The Enneagram helped them not only understand the “why” behind their thoughts, feelings, and actions but also gave them incredible insight into their differences.

Beth hopes you’ll take the time to listen to this insightful conversation and learn more about how the Gospel-centered Enneagram can bring clarity, hope, and freedom. 


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