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Podcast Feature: Living Enneagram

podcasts Jan 23, 2020

Beth was recently featured on Episode 66 of the Living Enneagram podcast: "The Enneagram’s Role In Christianity with Beth McCord."

Beth recently sat down with Certified Enneagram Coach Callie Ammons on her podcast Living Enneagram. Like Beth, Callie is passionate about viewing the Enneagram through a Gospel lens. It serves as our internal GPS to help us understand why we think, feel, and act the way we do. It can also help us realize when we start moving in unhealthy patterns, away from who God created us to be. 

We may begin to veer off course and wander away from the truth of the Gospel, but can learn to see those patterns and self-correct before we end up in the ditch! When we’re living at our best, we know, believe, and trust in our identity in Christ and thrive in the unique role we were created to fill.

The Enneagram is an amazing tool, but it’s Christ alone that gives us hope and freedom. We know you’ll enjoy this conversation with Callie about finding lasting transformation

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