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Podcast Feature: Married People

podcasts May 29, 2019

Beth and Jeff were featured on the Married People Podcast Episode 71: What Can the Enneagram Tell Me About My Marriage?

Beth and her husband, Jeff, just celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary! They don't have quite as many "firsts" in this season of marriage, so teaming up for their first podcast as a couple is a fun and exciting milestone!

They sat down with Ted Lowe, host of the Married People podcast, to talk about a topic near and dear to their hearts: How a Christ-centered Enneagram can transform marriage relationships. Beth, Jeff, and Ted discussed the many ways this tool can help us better understand, relate and support our significant others. If you’re curious about Beth and Jeff's specific Type 9 and Type 6 relationship dynamics (Or their "dance," as they like to call it), you'll want to tune in to this episode!

Ted also asked Beth and Jeff to explain his marriage dance as a Type 3 married to a Type 1. As soon as they started describing those particular relationship dynamics, he asked them to stop because it was so incredibly accurate and freaking him out! This will give you a good laugh!

They hope you get a glimpse into their marriage growth journey, and it enriches yours.


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