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Podcast Feature: Mercy Multiplied - An Introduction to the Enneagram Part 2

podcasts Oct 23, 2019


Beth was recently a guest on a two-part MercyTalk podcast with Mercy Multiplied, a Nashville-based Christian outreach and residential treatment organization that does such great work with young people.

In Part 1, Beth gave a brief overview of the Enneagram, discussed how it can be used as an internal GPS and walked listeners through Types 1-5. In the second part of her guest spot, Beth and the hosts talked about how each Enneagram Type uniquely displays God’s glory. His way of doing everything, from self-care to interacting with others, is a perfect model for all of us! 

Beth also took a deep dive into Enneagram Types 6-9, covering each of these personality’s distinct perspectives, Core Motivations, and how Christ alone fulfills the Core Longing of their hearts. 



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