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Podcast Feature: Simply Wholehearted - Keeping The Peace

podcasts Sep 11, 2019

Beth was featured on Episode 113 of Simply Wholehearted - Keeping The Peace. 

Beth was honored to be a repeat guest on the Simply Wholehearted podcast with host Amy Wicks last month. Amy is a busy wife, mom, and Gospel-based Enneagram coach, so she and Beth have much in common!

In this episode, “Keeping the Peace”, they discussed the idea that unity and harmony are possible in all relationships, no matter the Enneagram Type combination. There is no perfect combination or combination that is doomed to fail.

Beth had fun reflecting back on when Jeff and Beth first encountered the Enneagram many years ago and how it has become such a big part of their lives. Oh how far they’ve come in the last 20 years!


(Just for fun…to listen to “Understanding the Best Version of You” episode when Beth was a guest in January 2018, click here.)

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