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Podcast Feature: Simply Wholehearted

podcasts Mar 24, 2020

Beth was featured on Episode 141 of Simply Wholehearted - "Grow Your Self Awareness and Expand Your Love"

Beth was excited to sit down with Enneagram Coach Amy Wicks on her podcast, Simply Wholehearted, to discuss enhancing your self-awareness.

Diving into the Enneagram can be overwhelming as people learn about their Type and Core Motivations, and then process how to proceed with life and relationships from there. The Gospel-centered Enneagram allows you to see yourself for who you truly are, so you can own it, ask for forgiveness when you need to, and then allow Christ to work in and through you.

Beth encourages you to pop into this conversation to hear practical ways each Type can learn and grow with the Enneagram to find freedom.


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