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Podcast Feature: The Called

podcasts Jan 15, 2020

Beth and Jeff were featured on Episode 8 of Called - "How the Enneagram Can Make Us Better Leaders with Beth and Jeff McCord"

Jeff and Beth were recent guests on the Called podcast for an episode called “How the Enneagram Can Make Us Better Leaders.” This church leadership program is designed to equip leaders for ministry and life.

They shared that the Enneagram is about so much more than categorizing your personality Types. It had the power to be a life-transforming tool that can help us better understand ourselves and how God intricately designed us. It also serves to illuminate our heart condition and lets us know whether we’re aligned or misaligned with the truth of the Gospel. This can be a great wake-up call and point us to a life of freedom and purpose! 

While the Enneagram has become popular in Christian circles lately, they want to be clear that for them, it’s all about Jesus! They are more complex than just their numbers and should use all their Enneagram knowledge and insights to help lead us all closer to Him. When we recognize why we do what we do, we can more easily align ourselves with the will and purposes of Christ!

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