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Podcast Feature: Twirl Talk

podcasts Apr 03, 2019

Beth was featured on the Twirl Talk Podcast Episode 19: Your Best Self and the Enneagram.

If you're currently in the wedding planning season, you may be interested in checking out the latest episode of Twirl Talk, the go-to podcast for the bride-to-be. The show covers every aspect of marriage preparation, giving tips, advice and encouragement to women in the thick of one of the craziest and most exciting seasons of their lives.

Beth sat down with host Liz Cox to break down the Enneagram, an overview of the 9 Types, and how a Gospel-centered Enneagram can transform marriage relationships. Beth shared her thoughts on how this powerful tool can help couples become their best selves and set the foundation for a thriving partnership for years to come, long after the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon season has worn off! Go tune in to our conversation on your favorite podcast platform.


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