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Podcast Feature: Yoked: The Enneagram in Marriage

podcasts Oct 09, 2019

Beth was recently featured on Woven podcast series "Yoked: The Enneagram in Marriage" with Rebecca Cochran and Rebecca Peet. 

Beth and Jeff have spent the entire year focusing on how the Enneagram specifically relates to marriages through their Becoming Us Live speaking tour and the Becoming Us book (which just hit bookstore shelves last week!). Because of this, Beth was thrilled to be a recent guest on the Woven podcast during a 4-part marriage series called “Yoked: The Enneagram in Marriage.”

After discussing how she first became introduced to the Enneagram and giving a brief overview of how it works, she dove into levels of health and the amazing truth that Christ satisfies our every need (including our Core Longing).

At the end of the day, Jesus wants us to surrender and depend on Him, which isn’t always easy! However, if we do the work of becoming who He created us to be, we will experience growth and transformation.


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