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Podcast Feature: Life With Many Blessings

podcasts Aug 20, 2019

Beth was featured on the 101th Episode of Lief With Many Blessings Podcast: Enneagram 101.

Beth's kids are grown now, but she vividly remembers those early years when life revolved around diapers and sippy cups before giving way to elementary school and after school activities! The Life With Many Blessings podcast by Tiffany and Laura focuses on the daily walk of Christian moms, no matter their phase of life.

Earlier this month, Beth gave an Enneagram 101 crash course. Busy moms can get so bogged down in the routine of their lives, they forget how wonderfully and uniquely God created them. They forget to seek joy and fulfillment from Him, not in checking things off their to-do lists, or simply surviving the witching hour!

Sound familiar? Listen in as we focus on remembering who we are and Whose we are. Be sure to share this episode with your friends who could use a little soul care in the midst of the mom trenches!


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