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Free Download: How Christ Satisfies Your Core Longing

enneagram free downloads Jan 30, 2020

When we gain a deep understanding of our Type's Core Motivations (Fear, Desire, Weakness, and Longing), it helps us use the Enneagram as an internal GPS to keep ourselves on a healthy growth path. In this series, we’re exploring Core Longing, or the central message each of our hearts is longing to hear, and how Christ alone satisfies it. 

Each Type has a tendency to feel, think, and act in certain ways in order to satisfy their Core Longing. But we forsake our Creator when we try to fulfill this unending craving in our own strength (Jeremiah 2:13), and we'll always be left wanting more.

The good news of the Gospel is that we never walk alone! Christ's life, death, and resurrection completely satisfy every Core Longing, allowing our hearts to find true rest. His love is like a Spring of Living Water that never runs dry. 


I pray that you'll use this FREE DOWNLOAD to recognize how Christ satisfies the specific thirsts of your heart and that this knowledge will guide you toward grace, freedom, and full dependence on the One who fulfills every longing.

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