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Free Download: Stances

enneagram free downloads Feb 27, 2020

If you enjoyed my latest series on the Stances, or the Interpersonal Coping Styles, of each Type, head over to my YouTube channel to learn more.

In the video, I walk through the way each Type's Dutiful, Assertive, or Withdrawn Stance can play out in their daily life as they try to get others to respond to them and get their needs met. This insight might just open your eyes to the way you and others behave in order to be seen, loved, and accepted.

The more aligned we are with the truth of the Gospel, the better we're able to access and use all of these styles in healthy ways. I hope my thoughts help you move in the direction of personal growth!

Don't forget to share the video so others can join you on your journey of greater self-awareness and transformation. 

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