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Core Longing for All 9 Enneagram Types

enneagram free downloads Apr 11, 2019

Each of us has a Core Longing, or the central message each of our hearts is longing to hear. It's another one of the Core Motivations propelling each of our thoughts, feelings and actions, but we forsake our Creator when we try to fulfill this unending craving in our own strength (Jeremiah 2:13), and we'll always be left wanting more.

The good news of the Gospel is that we never walk alone! Christ's life, death and resurrection completely satisfy every Core Longing, allowing our hearts to find true rest. His love is like a Spring of Living Water that never runs dry.

Enjoy this Free Download of each Type's Core Longing, and reflect on how your heart's cry is motivating your thoughts, feelings and behaviors each day. What or who are you turning to in order to fulfill this yearning, and how is it keeping you from healthy growth and relationships?

May you use this knowledge not as a burden, but as a reminder to put your full dependence on Christ. He alone can fill your cup to overflowing and give you an unlimited supply of grace, contentment and freedom.

Core Longing for All 9 Enneagram Types

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